About this brand

About this brand

BABY&Me is a Japanese hip seat baby carrier brand. The hip seat carrier developed to allow mothers to spend time relaxing with their baby has been loved worldwide since its birth in 2010.

The founders of BABY&Me started sale of the hip seat carrier in Japan for the first time in 2013. After two years of sales activities, the members then established Baby&Me Inc. in 2015 to attain the evolution to the next generation of hip seat carriers that would further meet customer needs and cement their hip seat carrier business.

Baby&Me Inc. has never stopped conducting customer interviews to reflect customer demands in new lines of hip seat carriers that led to the birth of the new BABY&Me ONE brand hip seat carrier that raise the bar of functionality in 2016.

BABY&Me is not only equipped with all the functionality of the hip seat carrier that pursues even more comfort for your baby, it combines design and technology to reduce the burden on Mommy and Daddy.

BABY&Me continues to value "what is truly good and products exceptional” for babies as it develops new variations on beloved products.