The baby cannot adjust the body temperature well on its own. Especially newborns, who are not born, are very delicate. To create a comfortable environment, devise how to use the air conditioner, dress, and select a hug, and keep the signs that are comfortable for the baby and the signs when they feel hot or cold.

What is a comfortable humidity for your baby?

The humidity that the baby feels comfortable is 50-60 % throughout the year. The baby's skin has a thin stratum corneum, which is about one -half of the adult, and is delicate with stimulation.
In the winter room, air conditioners and other heating equipment will make it easier for air to dry. Also, in the summer and the rainy season, you need to pay attention to the moisture that causes mold.
While paying attention to ventilation, use humidifiers and dehumidifiers to maintain a firm and comfortable humidity.

What is the temperature that is comfortable for your baby?

The baby cannot adjust the body temperature well, so it is ideal to adjust it at room temperature as much as possible to make it light.
The room temperature is about 20 to 25 ° C, and the baby is a baby with a higher body temperature than an adult, but the temperature that feels comfortable is the same as adults. Be careful not to be too hot and not too cold.
However, be careful of the air conditioner setting temperature so that the difference from the outside temperature does not become too large in summer. It is said that the temperature setting that is comfortable for babies is 25-28 ° C in summer and 20 to 25 ° C in winter.

Let's review the room temperature! Sign of baby when comfortable

Babies can't tell their own "hot" or "cold", so don't miss the signs from the baby. Here are some points that you will notice as soon as possible for your baby to be "hot" and "cold".

Signs when it's hot

You may feel the heat when you feel hot, such as your stomach and thighs, or when your body is sweating, or when you're over again. In winter, you may wear thick clothes, but it is important for babies to keep your babies high, so it is important not to wear them more than necessary.
I think that you may use a hug when you sleep. There are various types of hugs, but if you use a mesh type or hip seat, you can hug comfortably and comfortably.

Signs when it's cold

Even when it is cold, it appears on the trunk of the stomach and thighs, just like when it is hot. When the trunk is cool, it is a sign that the body is cold. It is also important to check the whole as well as one side, as only one side may be cold.

[Seasonal] Estimated room temperature spent by a baby

Spring (March -May)

Spring is around 15 ° C in the morning and evening, around 20 ° C in the daytime. In the morning and evening, adjust the room temperature by using a heater to get 20-22 ° C. However, in the daytime, the temperature rises, so it is important to check frequently to see if your baby is not hot.

Summer (June -August)

In the summer when the outside temperature and room temperature rise, let's manage temperature so that it is about 25 to 26 ° C. When adjusting room temperature with an air conditioner, be careful not to lower the set temperature too much so that the difference from the outside temperature does not increase too much. It is important to note that if the difference from the outside temperature is too large, the burden on the body may be burdened when you go outside.

Autumn (September -November)

There are still days when the heat is severe, but the temperature is gradually decreasing. At night, there are days when the outside temperature drops to about 15 ° C. The indoor temperature should be adjusted to adjust the temperature using a heating equipment as a guide to 20 to 22 ° C, and create a comfortable environment by wearing a outerwear or putting a futon when sleeping.

Winter (December -February)

In the winter when the outside temperature is low, use a heating equipment to adjust the room temperature of 20 to 25 ° C as a guide. Also, in winter, you are particularly concerned about drying, so it is important to use a humidifier and humidify firmly.

Set temperature graph for annual average temperature in Tokyo and comfortable room temperature for babies


Don't miss the signs such as the baby's "hot" or "cold", and adjust the air conditioners and clothes to create a comfortable environment.
In addition, a hug that is active in sleeping is indispensable for the baby's daily life. , which uses a breathable mesh fabric on the back, allows you to hug comfortably according to the season by opening and closing the season cover. In addition, it is easy to wear with a hip sheet alone, and it is very useful for sleeping and breastfeeding since the newborn. The baby is not covered with a fabric and only supports it on the pedestal, so it does not stay heat and is comfortable in the hot summer. I would like to keep in mind that the baby string is comfortable and keeps the baby's comfortable room temperature management.

This article is the point to make summer hugs comfortable!

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