Recently, I have seen it in the city more oftenHip seat carrier
There is a pedestal (hip sheet) where your child sits on the waist belt.Easy to wear and easy to hold!And is popular.

About the "questions you care about" in such a hip seat carrierHugging will be easierI will explain in detail along with the points of use.

Does the hip sheet carrier hurt your back?

Hip seats may often be heard as "supporting the weight with your waist".

When you hear that, some moms are worried, "Is it a burden on the waist?"

The hip seat carrier can maintain a natural posture without the spine bends

In the case of hugging by hand or in a general hug, the spine may be hugged with a bent state, or you may be leaning forward, causing stiff shoulders and back pain. Hip seats can be hugged in a straight position, reducing the burden on the body that comes from distortion of posture.

Comparison of conventional hugs and hip seat carriers

Baby & Me's hip seat carrier is designed based on ergonomics. If you wear it in the correct way, you can hold it easily with less burden on your waist.

Let's explain that point.

How to wear it that does not hurt your back

The point is
・ So that the pedestal is parallel
・ Tighten the waist belt tightly

In this way, if the seating surface of the hip seat is lowered, the waist will be burdened.
Reduce the back part of the waist belt or re -wind.

Also, if the belt is wrapped loosely, the pedestal will easily drop when your child is placed.
Baby & Me hip seats are made so that the weight flows to the center of the body when the child rides. The correct way is that the tip of the pedestal is slightly upward when installed.

The Belk-S series isWest adjustment zipperYou can adjust the length of the waist belt. Even moms and slender people can wind tightly.

The position of the waist belt is also important

"Still, it doesn't feel right ..."
"There are places where pain is concentrated, such as the pelvis and pubic bone."

If so, please change the position of the waist belt.
"The position where your child's buttocks come to the navel of the wearer" is a guide, but there are individual differences in the position that is easier depending on the body type.

The position where the waist belt is wrapped is OK from the waist to the waist bone (around the pelvis). Please look for the best position!

Review of hip seat experience moms



Hip seat carriers have a disadvantage that luggage is bulky, but the light burden on the shoulders and waist when attached was definitely different.



I was considering a hug with a hip sheet with a thick belt because my child was born big and my wrist became painful, and my waist was bad. I was relieved with the reputation as I saw on SNS etc.



The rental service was very useful because my friend was always worried. I feel that the burden on the waist is the fewer of the hugs so far.

(From Baby & Me Rental Questionnaire)

If you put it in the correct position, the hug will be surprisingly easy!
Going will be even more fun.

BABY & ME offers a rental service of a hip seat carrier where you can experience comfortable hugs at home. It is very advantageous because it has a 5,000 yen coupon that can be used at the official online store. Please try.

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