Baby & ME products that can be used comfortably for everyone to reduce the burden of mothers and dads, such as dads, and the baby who is hugged is reasonable. In addition to easy -to -use specifications, one of the attractions is a simple design that does not choose the user.

Baby & ME provides accessories that can customize the hugs in order to meet such needs, even if you want to give your personality even if you are simple.
First of all, why not arrange your own style with custom accessories according to your taste and mood while using the included accessories?

Baby and Mic Custom Positive Budly Cover Cover

Does accessories other than the body come with it?

Items that come with a baby and me hug

For Baby & Me products
(1) When holding face -to -face, the "belt cover" to be attached to prevent the baby's drooling on the shoulder strap and gets dirty.
(2) "Provinous drooling cover" used for part that is easy to get dirty when hugging positively
③ When you fall asleep while hugging, support your head so that your head does not wobble, and it is also useful for sunshades and wind gestures.
Three types are included as an attached accessories.

All are used in a set with a hug string. Because they are all available, if you buy it, you can use it so it is convenient and popular.
Drooling covers are sold separately so that you can purchase additional as needed, such as washing. Please use all means.

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Is the accessories that come with free for free?

Baby & Me's mission is to make everyone comfortable, both mom daddy and babies, and happy to hold their hugs. For this reason, we are particular about the main body, as well as accessories.

The belt cover, which is close to the baby's face and many opportunities to directly touch, and the positive drooling cover use organic cotton that is less irritating and gentle on the skin.

In addition to the attention of the materials, it is one of the points that Baby & Me values ​​to keep each part clean.
Sleeping foods on the baby's head are sewn on the main body of other companies, but Baby & Me can be removed and washed, and it is always clean and safe.

Can you customize the hug string?

BABY & ME is one of the popularity of simple and chic colors, but there are custom accessories that can change the atmosphere just by attaching them.

It is a Scandinavian original print, which is different from the color and pattern that is common in baby items, and want to use a more stylish hug! Born from the voice of Mamaapapapa user.
There are three types: belt cover, positive drooling cover, and sleeping hood.

Baby and Mic Custom Accessories

Kirin sleeping food, which is full of playful and ears with ears, is a popular product.

Kirin's ears with ears

Custom accessories that are not "for babies" are recommended for mom dads that want to customize the hugs stylishly, as well as for washing.

Of course, we are particular about the specifications as well as visuals.
The belt cover and positive drooling cover use a waterproof sheet in the core. It is hard to soak on the back and protects the body firmly from dirt.
In addition, the magic tape to be attached to the main unit is thin, and it is a gentle material that is used for medical use. Since it is a part close to the baby's face, we are careful to be able to spend comfortably without getting stuck.

Introducing the function of the belt cover

Please check out the custom accessories of BABY & ME to make your life more enjoyable.

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