Baby carry, indispensable for living with a baby.
It is a name you often see and hear, but when you search the Internet, various products and information are displayed. You may have wondered, "Is this a baby carry?"
This time, we will check what a baby carry in the first place and introduce a recommended baby carry.

What is a baby carry?

Baby carry is a general term for tools that carry a baby.
Baby is an English word that means "baby" and carry is "carrying". In some cases, it is called "baby carrier" using a "carrier", which means "carrying".

In addition to hugs and piggyback straps attached to the upper body of adults with a string or belt, a baby sling that holds a baby with a wide cloth, hugging a baby, a hip sheet using a baby's ass on the pedestal, and when putting it on a car. Various items such as baby seats used for and kuna -shaped kouhan are included in baby carry.

How is a baby carry and a hug?

The hug is a kind of baby carry.
In other words, all hugs can be paraphrased as baby carry, but baby carrying can also include items other than hugs.

It may be confusing because the person and the situation may differ depending on the situation. When shopping or collecting information on the Internet, access the information you want from the context before and after and the attached image.

When do you use a baby carry?

Because there are various types of baby carry, the suitable scenes are of course different.

Hugs, piggyback strings, and slings are convenient for going out, as well as when you want to open your hands in housework. The sling is made of cloth lightly and can be folded compactly, so it is good to carry around. I don't always need a hug, but I want to use it in case of emergency! Recommended for Mama Daddy.

A hip -seated hug is popular because it can reduce the burden on mama daddy even if you become heavier as you grow.
Hip seats are convenient to use alone when you frequently hug you during lactation during lactation, sideways support, starting walking, or when you want to hug a little.

A large basket -like kouhan with a handle is a baby carry that allows you to move while your baby is laid down. It is also a simple bed, so it is useful when visiting grandpa and friends' house.

Baby seats (child seats) are used when traveling by car with the baby, but depending on the product, you can carry a baby like a basket when you walk, or sit in a room, or sit in a chair. Some can be used.

4. What baby carry should I choose?

The optimal choice changes depending on what kind of situation you want to use, and the age and growth of the baby.

If you want to empty both hands while holding your baby, use a hug, piggyback string, and sling. Check the simplicity and adhesion of the attachment and choose.

In terms of simplicity, the sling will increase, but it is a multifunctional hug string that wins with a sense of stability. Depending on the product, there are hugs that are particular about the ease of attaching and detaching, so it is recommended that you try it on and check the usability before purchasing.

The state of sticking to Mama dad relies on the baby. The lower the age of a baby, the more closely adheringated. In addition, there is also the advantage of increasing stability by adhering. Mama daddy makes it harder to feel the weight, so a baby who has become heavy can be hugged relatively easily.

Target age varies depending on the product. General hugs and piggyback strings can be used from around 4 months after birth, when the neck is sitting and the head does not wobble. There are also hugs that can be used from around 6-7 months when the waist is sitting.

If you are traveling for a short time, it is good to use Kuhan or baby seat as a carry, but it may be suitable for dads with power because the weight is concentrated in one hand.

When using a baby sheet in a car, the baby is fixed with a belt, so the product that can be used depends on the age and body size. Because it is related to the safety of life, make sure you check the height and load capacity and choose the one that suits your body.

5. What are the recommended baby carry?

I've talked about different baby carrying to use depending on the situation and purpose, but the most versatile is a hug with a hip sheet.

The hips with hip seats are distributed to the shoulder and waist, and the center of gravity is designed to reach the center of the mamapapapa, so you can hug more easily than a general hug. Therefore, it can be used until around the age of 4, which weighs 20 kg. If you use it as a hip sheet alone, it can also be used as a support for breastfeeding and sleeping in the newborn, and it can be used for a long time from birth to a hugging graduation.

BABY & ME's hip seat carrier "BELK-S First Set" can be used as a hug that can be used since the newborn season by switching parts, so you can live a long and comfortable hug, especially among hips with hip seats. Masu.

The Bell Quest Fast Set can be used as two types of hugs by switching parts

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