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A hug that is said to be a necessity for going outDo you need to prepare before giving birth, even if you are born newly? ?

I will dig deeper into the opinions of senior moms!

When I talked to my senior momsHugs are essential items for child -rearing not only when going out, but also at homeYou can see that. About half of momsPrepare a hug string before giving birthWasIt seems that. Let's dig deeper the reasons and benefits.

When did you buy a questionnaire to senior moms?

When I bought a hug for the first time, a graph

1. Why did you prepare before giving birth?

The reason for buying pre -childbirth was the reason for purchasing pre -childbirth, as we also prepared other baby goods when we went to buy other baby goods. Hugging strings are one of the essential items that are lined up on the "childbirth preparation list".

2. What was it good to prepare before giving birth?

The biggest advantage is that the burden on the body and mind is reduced, such as having more time before giving birth, less luggage when going out, and reducing concerns if you prepare early. For those who do not want to panic or have a hard time later, we recommend purchasing before childbirth.

3. Is it inevitable to buy a new one? Hugging strap that matches the growth stage

The functions required for a hugs will change when the joints are soft and unstable, and when the skeleton is firm and the weight becomes heavy. It is necessary to select a hug that suits you sometimes. A hug that can switch parts as your baby grows is long and economical.

1. Why did you prepare before giving birth?

When I listened to childbirth and baby products and went to buy, I bought a hug string because many senior moms purchased it in advance.
The hug isIt is useful not only for going out, but also when you want to open your hands for housework, when you are lying or sleeping.It can be said that it is indispensable when living with a baby.
That's why there are many pre -mama that adds a hug to the "necessary list" when buying before giving birth.

According to the data, there are many cases where prewar purchases purchased around 6-8 months of pregnancy (about 2-4 months before giving birth). Is it the best timing before the physical condition is stable and the size and weight of the stomach peak?
Recently, there are a wide variety of childbirth and baby items, and it will take some time to choose. I want to complete the purchase when I have time and physical strength so that I can shop while having fun.

2. What was it good to prepare before giving birth?

After giving birth, your baby will always be the highest life. It will be difficult to go out freely for a while.
Even when going out, it is quite burdensome to bring a baby and carry a lot of luggage, such as changing diapers.

A senior mom who prepared a hug before giving birth said, "I was busy after giving birth and I couldn't scratch or go out, so I was glad I bought it early." I'm glad I thought one number of things was reduced. "

Recently, there are various types of hugs, and even if the appearance is similar, the texture and cushioning of the fabric vary depending on the product. It is easy to use, and if you do not buy it immediately or use online shopping so that you can purchase the design, color, material, etc.We recommend that you pick up products at stores in advance.Let's research firmly when preparing other items.

3. Is it inevitable to buy a new one? Hugging strap that matches the growth stage

Since the newborn is soft and unstable, it is necessary to firmly adhere to the body of moms and dads when hugging.
As the skeleton becomes stable as the growth grows, the weight and strength of the movement increase, so that the baby's posture is kept and the weight is firmly distributed to reduce the burden on the baby. It is important to use a hug that you can do.

With the growth of the baby, there are many senior moms who have experienced several replacements.
The market has a wide variety of hugs, so it's a good idea to choose a good product and buy a new one each time.

If you want to use products that can be used from newborns for a long time, we recommend Baby & Me's "Belk-S First Set".

Because the parts can be switched, it can be used as a baby carrier during the newborn, and after the neck is sitting about 4 months after birth, it can be used as a hip seat carrier.

A hug string that can be used by switching parts

It is a structure that takes into account the burden on the shoulders and waist of mama daddy, and can be used using a baby carrier and a hip sheet carrier up to 20 kg of weight according to the baby's growth and use scene.

You can switch parts and use it as two kinds of hugs. Both can be used up to 20kg.

The earth color development that is easy to incorporate as a fashion and the functionality that won the Good Design Award is also ◎.
It has been selected continuously for the Zexy Baby Review No. 1 selected by senior moms.

It is a new feeling of hugging string that is close to the growth of the baby and the lifestyle of Mama Daddy.

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