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A hug that is said to be a necessity for going out.Will it be in time to buy after a baby is born? ?
I will dig deeper into the opinions of senior moms!

Not only when you go out, but also when you want to open your hands for housework, or when you sleep, a hug that is very active in the house. It is a reliable ally for child -rearing moms.
As a result of the questionnaire surveyThe group prepared before giving birth and the number of purchases after childbirth are almost the same.was.
We asked a senior mom who purchased after giving birth about the reasons and benefits.

After giving birth, the opinions of moms who purchase moms/points to avoid failure

1. Why did you buy it after giving birth?

I felt the need, but I couldn't decide, I wanted to choose after knowing either men and women, and I tried to buy it after greeting my baby and realized the need. It seems that there are as many reasons for the number of moms who have purchased after childbirth.

2. What are you glad to buy after giving birth?

The first advantage is that you can try it on and choose. You can feel the burden of the baby's weight and how it takes on your body, so you don't have to create a tragedy, such as "I bought it, but I can't use it."

3. Use rental services ◎

If you want to try it on but can't go to the store or have anxiety just by trying on a short time at the store, we recommend a Baby & Me rental service that can reach your home and use it for a certain period of time.

1. Why did you buy it after giving birth?

Apart from the second and third babies, there are lots of things that I don't know if the first birth is to give birth. Choosing a baby goods often gets lost what is good.
There are many types of hugs, from compact ones with a single cloth, such as sling and baby wrap, to those with outstanding stability, such as carry types and hip sheet carriers. It is also convinced that "I decided to buy it in advance, but I couldn't decide."

There are also moms who actually chose after meeting with their babies, "I didn't know if I didn't know a boy or girl."

When purchasing after giving birth, the timing isThe baby is around 1-2 monthsThere is data that is the most common. It seems that there are many cases where the life with the baby begins, the image is expanding and the needs are generated.
Specifically, there were voices saying that when I had the opportunity to go out, when I wanted to empty both hands for housework, or when I laid down a babble, I felt it was necessary.

2. What are you glad to buy after giving birth?

The biggest advantage of purchasing after giving birth isYou can try on with your babyThat is.

You can check the ease of convenience, such as the fit when you actually hugged your baby, how much burden on your shoulders and waist, and the ease of movement while hugging, so you can choose a satisfactory dish. Masu.
It would be ideal if you could have dad trying on it, and both moms and dads could choose something that was easy to use.

Baby and me hip sheet carrier

Designed based on human life engineeringBaby & Me's hip seat carrierIn that case, not only does it support the baby firmly, but also reduces the burden on the lower abdomen and shoulders of mama daddy, so both baby and mom daddy can spend comfortably and happy.

BELK-S FIRST setCan be used as a baby carrier from the neonatal period before the neck is sitting, and if the muscles and skeletons are firm and gained weight, you can switch parts and use it as a hip seat carrier, so it is recommended to use it for a long time.

Please try it on and feel the feeling of use unique to the BABY & ME series.

Baby & Me's hip seat carrier can be tried on stores nationwide!

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3. Use rental services ◎

BABY & ME offers rental services and subscriers for hip seat carriers. If you complete the application procedure on the Internet, it will reach your home, so you can use it easily.

The first recommended Mama dad to have a baby is the "Belk-S First Set". The all -in -one hip seat carrier, which can be used from newborn to 4 years old (20 kg), is a hug that can be used for a long time as a child grows.
For rental serviceA coupon that can be purchased for 5,000 yenBecause it comes with it, you can consider it carefully and purchase it at a great price. There is no way not to be used.

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By actually purchasing after giving birth, you can check the wearing method and fit by actually putting on your baby and have the advantage that there is less failure. It is also important to learn how to use it correctly at the store. Nevertheless, going out with a small child is something difficult. Please use rental etc. well, and choose a convincing hug.