During the year -end and New Year holidays, there are more opportunities for babies to go out together, such as returning home and traveling. I will introduce when the baby's travel debut is OK and what to be aware of.

Traveling with a baby, when is OK?


In conclusion, there is no clear standard for how many months after birth.
According to my senior moms, I often traveled together for the first time around 5-8 months. Some people are a little earlier, 3-4 months.

On a trip, you will be exposed to a completely different environment and stimulus for a long time. It's a big burden for a baby who is not used to going out yet and sleeps most of the day. Instead of going out suddenly, get used to it from a short and short -time outing before traveling, and prepare.

What should I be careful about?


When traveling with a baby, there are a few things to be aware of.

First, the temperature.
The heat and cold are a big burden for the baby. In summer, measures against heat, ultraviolet rays, and cold weather in winter are indispensable. If you have many opportunities to get out and outdoors, you need to adjust it with clothes that can be easily taken off.

In a space with many people, the risk of infection is inevitably increased. Avoid crowds as much as possible to protect babies with immunity and immunity from infections such as viruses.

In addition to the large burden on the body in a different environment, various information will jump from the eyes and the brain will be stimulated, so the baby will be tired after a long time. It is important to make a travel plan so that you do not overdo it.

What is the point of thinking about travel plans?


If you stay at your home, you can understand the inside of the room well, and it can be said that the hurdle is relatively low because it is easy to be flexible.
Recently, hotels and inns are also preparing a baby plan that makes traveling with a baby comfortable. The contents of the plan vary depending on the facility, so check in advance and select an inn that provides the necessary services.

If there is a lot of movement in sightseeing, etc., a stroller can reduce the burden on mama daddy.
On the other hand, in places with many steps, the stroller itself becomes luggage, so a hug is more convenient. We recommend that you simulate how to move locally according to your visit so that your baby and mom dad can enjoy it without stress.

What are the main transportation and precautions?


If you travel by private car, you will not have to worry about the size and weight of your luggage, and you can freely arrange a route change or break, so you can significantly reduce the mental burden. However, be careful as some babies get sick. Let's check the situation frequently.

If you use public transportation, we recommend that you avoid congestion and make a reservation if you have a reserved seat. It is safe because Mama daddy can sit side by side without looking for a seat and makes it easier to care for the baby.
The Shinkansen has a seat with luggage space that can store large luggage. If you have a stroller or large luggage, it is ideal to secure such a seat. In the unreserved seat, you can put your luggage if there is space behind the seat at the end of the vehicle.

Airplanes are generally available from the 8th day of birth. It is recommended to hold down the seats in front of the aircraft because of the ease of getting on and off and the ease of support by the flight attendants. It is important to make a reservation early so that you can take the seat you want.
If "ear clog" occurs due to a change in pressure when rising or descending, the baby may cry. Give milk and breast milk or add pacifier to make it easier to remove your ears.

Clothes / belongings


When going out, the emphasis on baby's clothes is that it is easy to adjust.
In winter, the point is to put on the cold outdoors and the temperature difference between the heating room, which is easy to put on and take off. It is a good idea to use small items such as socks, gloves, and hats that cover the baby with a hug.
Even during hot months, it is safe to have a jacket or cape that can be added as a cooling measure. Prepare a hat and sunscreen to protect your baby's skin from the sunshine.

The belongings you need when traveling are basically the same as diapers, milk -related, and changing clothes. However, since the time to leave the house is longer, it is necessary to prepare more usually.
The other things to prepare are bath supplies such as baby soap and moisturizing lotion, and pajamas, such as pajamas. Bedding is often prepared at the accommodation, but it is safe to check it just in case.
Senior moms have heard that there is a spare bath towel because it is worn instead of a cape or when there is not enough towels in the room. If your luggage has plenty of room, you may be able to prepare it.

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