The front of both hands and the body is empty, making it easier to work on housework, and depending on the situation, it may be more convenient than hugging. In the hot season, there are voices from senior daddy moms that there are many opportunities to show their benefits. Let's take a look at why the piggyback is comfortable and in what situations.

Is it true that the piggyback is comfortable when it's hot?

As the temperature rises, the skinship with a baby with a high body temperature is a bit more heat and a little hard. However, there are many situations where you can't avoid hugs and piggybacks.
In such a case, piggyback is recommended rather than hugging.
In fact, there are many voices of experienced people who say that piggyback is not hot.
It cannot be said in general because the degree of adhesion will vary depending on the hug and piggyback method, but it feels like a piggyback in a hip sheet carrier has less area in contact with the baby than other hugs, so it is harder to keep up. I have a lot of voices of senior Mama Daddy.

Summer camps were easier to work than hugging and more convenient.

The piggyback on the hip seat carrier seems to be passing through the air, so it is hard to feel the heat. After mastering the piggyback, it became easier to do housework!

Surprisingly convenient piggyback! Please try it and feel it.

Is it better for summer events?

In the summer, outdoors such as the sea, pools, camping and BBQ, etc., and the chances of going out are increasing. There will be many summer vacation events, especially for families with upper children.
Mama daddy is also very busy, such as moving around, carriding things, working, and taking care of other children. In such a case, a piggyback that can open the front of both hands and the body is definitely convenient.
It is a good memory to be able to look at the same person and see beautiful scenery and fun activities with your baby. Even if the baby cannot remember the experience itself, receiving various stimuli is very useful for the development of the brain.
The body and the brain are still developing, so it is forbidden to do too much, but when you go out, you may be able to consider one of the options as a stroller or hug.

What are the benefits of the piggyback?

Recently, hugging is becoming mainstream, but onbound has various benefits for both moms and babies.

For Mama Daddy, both hands and body are empty, so it is easy to do work such as housework, it is harder to feel the baby's weight than hugging, and the burden is reduced. A piggyback is also effective when you are swaying or lying down.

It is said that the baby can see various things over the shoulder, facing the same person as Mama Daddy, so that it is inspired by the visual and helps the brain development. Get a sense of security due to contact is also very important as part of emotional education.

The fact that it has a moderate adhesion and is hard to keep up with the skinship is a nice point for both mom daddy and babies.

What are the precautions of the piggyback?

There are various benefits, but there are some points to note.

The piggyback is around 4 months after birth. After my neck sits and I can support my heavy head myself. Observe if your head is wobbly due to individual differences, and wait until you can confirm that it is supported.
Before the neck is sitting, hugging or piggybacking without assistance can lead to serious injuries. Be sure to hold your hands or hug and piggyback safely using parts that support your head, such as head support.

Even if your neck is sitting, when you fall asleep, your head will be jerky, so it is safer to have head support or food.

If you are on a hip seat carrier, it will be around 7 months old. After my waist sits and I can sit alone.
Regardless of the age, the baby is on the back side, so you may not notice the unusual change immediately. Let's check the baby frequently.

I recommend Baby & Me's hip seat carrier

The Baby & Me's hip seat carrier has a structure in which the pedestal supports the baby's weight and shows the center of gravity on the body of the mama dad. The biggest attraction is that it is difficult to feel the burden of weight because the center of gravity of mama daddy and baby is not dispersed, so it is difficult to feel the burden of weight.

Just like holding, the baby's center of gravity is kept near Mama Daddy, so it is not pulled behind by weight or bending forward to make up for it. Therefore, you can make it easier.

It may seem a little difficult when you try a piggyback for the first time, but if you get the tips, you will be able to wear it quickly, and you should be able to enjoy the easier chin. Please try it.

Furthermore, with a Belk-s first set, you can change the parts and switch from the hip seat carrier to the waist belt type hug. One of the attractions of Baby & Me is that you can use it in various ways according to the scene.

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