Can be used from newborns! Baby & Me👶🏻💕

[Belk-s first set] is a baby carrier
Because you can use the hip seat carrier properly,
According to the baby's growth and the usage scene
You can always hug the best😊✨

And [Belk-S HipSeat]
After the hip seat became heavy?
Do you need a hip seat to prepare for childbirth?
I tend to think, but ㅤ

actually…! ! !
Those who have also had hip seats from the newborn
Anything is convenient!💡💡💡

The newborn baby is still light
Because my body is fluffy and unstable
To Mama Daddy's wrist who is not used to hugging
It tends to be a burden😥

If you notice, tendonitis⚡️ There are things (´ ・ _ ・ `)

Actually, at Baby & Me's directly managed store
A mom suffering from tendonitis
I often come to try it on 🥲

As a support for sleeping and breastfeeding
It has been a big success since the newborn.🙆‍♀️

By all means, in Baby & Me's Belk-S series
A comfortable hug life from the newborn
I'm glad if you can spend😊🌈