Actually outstanding storage capacity! Babyimi pouch✨

Belk. It is a pouch of Babyimi that has become removable in the series,
In the latest model Belk-S series
Further version is upgraded 🤭💭✨

----- Point ① ------
Large size!
The inner also has a pocket
It is easier to store mom's valuables

----- POINT② ------
The area of ​​Velcro is also slightly larger
Even when opening and closing while hugging
There is a sense of stability,
Remove and use it for bag -in -bags✨
When attaching to a hug
It can be attached to both the left and right! ㅤ

----- Point ③ ------
Double zipper!
Opening and closing both the dominant hand is smooth,
Do not hit the baby's feet
You can also adjust the position of the zipper💡ㅤ

Because it is used every day
Gentle to the baby, Mama Daddy
So that you can use it without feeling a small stress
Safe and comfortable ones

Valuable, gauze and handkerchiefs that are essential for babies,
Sleeping food and pacifier,
Palm -sized toys, etc.
It can be stored completely beautifully!👜