Introducing the "Belk-S" series!

Zubari! To put it together,
[All -in -one hip seat carrier that can be used by newborns]✨

I want to use it from a newborn!
With the waist belt type until graduation
I want either hip seat carrier!

I recommend the Belk-S First set for you.😍💡

The skeleton is still soft, up to 20 kg of 20kg
There are many discerning points that you can hold comfortably!🎉✨

★The point of the neonatal period is
A sense of adhesion and the right posture of the baby

★The point after it becomes heavy is
A structure that supports the weight firmly

For the product lineup
・ BELK-S only for hip seat carriers
・ BELK-S HIPSEAT of the hip sheet alone (pedestal only)
There is also, so please go to the official website for details.
I would be happy if you could see it😊💭