Isn't the hip seat carrier heavy?

Baby & Me's hip seat carrierThe middle material is
Ta135g! It is about the same weight as 4 paper diapers!

And the pedestal of Baby & Me is a unique two -layer structure.💡

① EPP form with a light and durable material that supports the baby firmly
② Comfortable urethane foam that fits gently to the stomach of mama daddy

The "unauthorized fun" created by the two -layer pedestal is
It has been demonstrated scientifically.✨ㅤ

The burden on the shoulders is reduced, so your shoulders, waist and stomach are easy ~♫

Support your baby firmly, safe and secure
To hug you comfortably
It cannot be stored in the pedestal part, but instead,
The Belk-S series has a large-capacity pouch✨

Smartphones, handkerchiefs, keys and coin cases, etc.
Because it can be stored firmly
The storage capacity is perfect!💪🏼

Because it can be attached to both the left and right side of the waist belt,
Left -handed people can also use it comfortably♫