✨Completely preserved version✨
❁The contents of the Belk-s first set❁

In fact, it's not just a hug!
Introducing the contents of the BELK-S FIRST set✨

① Career parts
② First part
③ Hip seat
④ Sleeping food
⑤ Belt cover
⑥ Positive drooling cover
⑦ West pouch
⑧ Safety belt
⑨ Instruction manual

It's a set that can be used immediately after the purchase, so it's safe😄✨

Sleeping Food, Bultcover, positive drooling cover
We also sell separately, so it is also recommended for washing.💡

Baby carriers and hip seat carriers
You can hug you up to 20kg, so
According to your baby's growth and lifestyle
Can be used properly😊🌈

▫️ Baby carrier (waist belt type)
Newborns up to 20kg

▫️ Hip seat carrier
From the neck to 20kg