This is OK with this one✨

For Baby & Me Belk-S First Set,
Newborn to 20kg, waist belt type hug
You can use it by switching the hip seat✨

According to your baby's growth, use, and lifestyle
The feature is that it can be used with "3way"💡

① Hip sheet alone (target month age: newborn ~ 20kg)
・ Hugging sideways until the neck is completed,
Please use it as a support for breastfeeding and sleeping👶🏻🍼
・ Convenient because it can be easily hugged after being heavy.💪🏼

② Baby carrier (Target age: Newborn -20kg)
・ It is best to hug in close contact with soft skeletal newborns.✨
・ As the baby grows,
You can adjust the spread of your feet (crotch width), so you can rest assured
・ Hugs face -to -face are newborns ~ / Onbu is the neck sitting ~ OK

③ Hip seat carrier (Target age: neck sitting ~ 20kg)
・ If the skeleton becomes solid and heavy, it supports the weight firmly, so it is comfortable.💪🏼
・ We support the correct posture of the baby while reducing the burden of mama daddy!
・ The contents of the pedestal are soft urethane foam that fits according to the movement of mama daddy, and a two -layer structure of light and durable material that supports the baby's buttocks firmly.✨

I want you to hold both Mama Daddy comfortably.
It is designed so that you can use it non -stress!

・ Smooth belt material
・ Size adjustable waist belt
(It can be installed from the waist to 124cm by opening and closing the zipper)

I hope you can spend a more comfortable and Happy hug life🌈