Baby & Me's hip seat carrier
What do you switch and use? !

Baby & Me Belk-S First set is
By switching parts, without a newborn pad
Newborns to 20kg of baby growth
Can be used according to lifestyle
All -in -one hug!😍💡

◆ Baby carrier (waist belt type)
Wrap the babies that are still soft with softer skeleton,
Main the correct C curve posture👶🏼✨

◆ Hip seat carrier
Baby & me weight the baby on a two -layer pedestal
Support it and reduce the burden on the body of Mama Daddy!💪🏼
With a natural posture where the baby sits
You can hold a comfortable hug without a feeling of pressure around your feet☺️

❔Why switch❔
The baby grows surprisingly in the year👶🏼✨
The points you want for hugs change due to growth,
The best hug for the baby will also change.💡

According to your baby's growth and lifestyle
You can always hug you
The Belk-S First set is a switch of parts,
It is designed that can be used from newborns to hugging graduation 🥰💭

"When I tried using it, it didn't fit my body💦』

"The child became heavy and eventually bought a hug.💦』

"I'm looking for a little easier hug, but I don't know what fits, and the hugs are also refugees ...💦』

I also hear the voice of such a senior mom😔

Because it is used every day, there is no burden on the body
I want you to hold it comfortably with peace of mind😢💕

For Belk-S First set
You can use two hugs, so
As a result, cospa is also good 🥳