What are the accessories of hugging? !


Baby & ME as an accessory
With accessories that come
Accessories that can be customized by sold separately
There are two types.

Comes with accessories
Belt cover / positive drooling cover
Solid organic cotton🌿

Solded custom accessories
Baby & Me original fabric
It is an accessory with a cute pattern🌈

Belt cover / positive drooling cover
Because a waterproof sheet is used for the core
Even if the baby chews and chews, it will be lined
It is hard to soak and is comfortable♫ㅤ

Belt cover / positive drooling cover
The adhesion surface (magic tape part) is
Adopted smooth material without splinters!
You can use it with confidence♫

Sleeping food is
Because it is an deodorant antibacterial processing, with the baby
Going out is more safe*✧

* Only giraffe pattern is not deodorant antibacterial processing.

When there is a lot of drooling
Because it is used every day, with your favorite pattern
In accordance with the fashion of moms and children
I hope you can customize it and enjoy it😊🌈