"I want to try a hug more casually" "I want to decide to buy after a few months"

In response to many requests, this timeBABYMeThenBelk-SFIRSTSet1We will launch a "rental service" that you can try for a month and a "subsc service" that can be used at a fixed monthly price.

What is "rental service"?

6,600In the yen (tax included)1Rental for a month
・ Give a 5,000 yen discount coupon after the rental is over

The customer who purchased it is actually1,600in yen1Please try plenty of months. There is no postage burden.

* Rental products will be used.
* Rental products are not available.
* The coupon is "Belk-s firstYou can use it in your favorite color.

(((Rental service is)Here)))

 What is "Subsque Service"?

・ Monthly3,960You can try new products in the yen.
10In a month, the sub -school will end and will be owned by the customer.

If it doesn't fit your body5It is possible to cancel (return) after the month. There is no postage burden. 

* Subsque products will be new.
5Month9If you wish to buy in a month, you can purchase as it is by paying the difference.

((((Subsque service is))Here)))


This rental subsc service is a corporationOnzoOperated bymarvleIs introduced and operated. Please contact us for the following inquiries.

ONZO Co., Ltd.
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