Special feature My Baby & Me

Hue Craft/NAKASHIMA CYCLE FACTORY representative
Yoshiyuki NakajimaMr. Miss.

"My Baby & Me" is a special feature that spins the story under the theme of "childcare and work" through interviews with senior moms and dads.

Vol.02 introduces Nakajima, who has been an independent and corporate company at JAXA (Space Aerospace R & D Organization), and has an independent company and has a company that supports space technology experiments. My father talked about the linear motor car engineer, and the 23 -year -old eldest son is struggling to become an aircraft or ship engineer.

Shooting location: "Space Dome" in JAXA Tsukuba Space Center

The Tsukuba Space Center was opened as a central center for space development in 1972. At the Space Dome, which was established as a public exhibition hall, you can see artificial satellite test models and full -size models of rocket engines, and many visitors from Japan and overseas visit.

I can't imagine that the work of "Space Development Engineer" is being done by a "single company", but what kind of work is doing?

To put it simply, it will be a form that I was doing at that time as an external company. When a new device is created, it is not possible to take it to space, so we will conduct an experiment with various conditions on the ground. We focus on consulting about the experiment and design and production of the experimental environment.


Can you actually move your hands on your own until the production?

I agree. I just made an experimental facility alone and delivered it (laughs).
To tell the truth, I like to make something with my own hands, and I have been retired because I can no longer do that. After that, I started a company that manufactures and sells bicycles that focus on handmade, but from my previous workplace, I said, "Help me." I can't afford to get a job at a bicycle company (laughs), so I started a company called Hue Craft. So, I am particular about making all work, not to leave it to people.

Have you been interested in manufacturing since you were a child?

Well, that's right. I love Lego and I've been doing it all the time. My father was a linear motor engineer, and my grandfather also liked that. My grandfather was born in the Meiji era, but I made a model of an electric railway from one screw with a delusion.


Perhaps because I grew up looking at such a thing, when I was in high school, I started playing with motorcycles, and I was doing not only my motorcycle but also a race team member.

In that sense, is it because of your father and grandfather who is working as an engineer right now?

My grandfather became a doctor instead of an engineer due to various circumstances, but since he was young, he had taken him to a family invitation event, such as a factory tour in his father's workplace, so he was affected. I think that there. My father was a "desk" developer type that designed. The type I want to make by moving my hands. There is such a difference.

Is Nakajima's influence on children?

All of them are already in the people, but the 23 -year -old eldest son is aiming to be an aircraft or ship engineer as a result of strongly inherited my intentions. It is completely science and engineer temperament. The 20 -year -old second daughter is hiring, but she seems to be a aviation, and the 26 -year -old eldest daughter is trying to design a cycle wear in the riding bicycle business I am doing.

amazing! In the first place, it's a very close family. Is there any secret?

Isn't it not forced? I didn't basically do anything on my course or anything. Only boost was done. As a result of being raised when I was told, "Study," I was a child who did not study much, so I still work while studying every day (laughs). Do you say that you are a teacher on the other hand?

As Mr. Nakajima made his father, did he himself take his child to a factory tour or a company event? 。

I agree. We went to public events and events for children to experience astronaut training menus.


The eldest son grew up as a child who can play with mechanical messing and theory. At the age of 19, I was able to say that I had a car and re -assembled (laughs).

That's amazing. The Nakajima family is such a good family, but how was the reaction of your family when you started a business?

I retired in 2019, but the children were so large that my wife and children were not particularly opposed. I started a bicycle shop as if I would like to do it soon (laughs). After that, a voice was heard from the previous workplace, and the Hue Craft, which was in space development, was launched.


The eldest son was the year of college, but he wanted to be a defense university, so he said, "I don't have to worry about money." On the other hand, my second daughter was a second -year high school student at the time, but it was a year to study abroad in the United States, so I fluttered as it was (laughs).

You are studying abroad. Did you have any purpose for studying abroad?

No, I just pushed my back because I wanted to go with my own will. When I was a junior high school student, my daughter suddenly brought a pamphlet saying, "I want to study abroad," so if I was OK on the condition of the second grade of Eiken or 2nd grade, I took it quickly. "Let's go because it's a promise."

Certainly, "not forced" was the motto of the Nakajima family. Have you ever kept it in childcare?

The main premise is to understand the true meaning of "freedom" when you say "you can freely" and make it possible to execute it. Like the universe, there is a theory of "why this is". I think it is important to face the rules and backgrounds there, rather than impose something without a head.

I see. That means that the accumulation of such things will increase your ability to think. It looks very difficult ...

In a specific episode, was it when the eldest son was a junior high school student? The eldest son, who was studying mathematics, said, "What is it useful, triangular functions, and what is useful in the future?" So, open Excel, write a factor -decomposition formula on the cell, calculate it, and use a CAD to draw a triangle, display a source code such as cosine and show it. You use it. "

I think parents who can seriously face the children's questions and present their answers and hints are cool. Finally, if you have a message or advice for mom / dad who is raising children, please ask.

The satellite is exposed to various uncertainties, but there is a solid axis, so you can balance it independently. If children grow up, their parents will only push them back, so it's easy (laughs). I wonder if it is better to have fun without being caught too much in "responsibility".