These Terms of Use will be provided by Ascon Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "the Company").BABYMeThe terms of use of the rental service (hereinafter referred to as the "Service") are determined and applied between users and us.

1. Definition

"User" is the one who has accepted this service after accepting these Terms of Use, and the Company has accepted the application. However, if the user has been found to have violated the Terms of Use in the past, if the application is found to include false items, it is inappropriate that the Company accepts the application. If you make a decision, you cannot apply.

2. Contents of this service

This service is assumed to be used in Japan and in everyday life. The contents are as follows, and the user has a good tube care for handling rental products.




Rental item delivery location

TSUTAYA Daikanyama Tsutaya Bookstore


Rental fee

Rental is free.


Rental start date

It will be the delivery date of the rental item.


Rental period

Seven days


Rental return deadline

The return deadline is until the 7th day, including the start date.

(Example: Start date2022Year10Month17Day)

(Example: Return deadline2022Year10Month23Shipped by day)

* In the case of return delay, per rental item as a delinquent fee.1Sunrise300I will have a circle. If you ship within the return deadline, there will be no delinquent fee.


Way of returning

Number 3 by the 7th day.Please send it to the inquiry destination for rental. (The shipping fee will be borne by the user.)


About the handling of rental products

・ Rental products are allowed to be used by third parties, transfer, quality entry, sublease, occupied transfer, etc. are prohibited.

・ Write names, marks, illustrations, etc. on rental items, take tags attached to rental products, change colors, decompose, repairs, and remodeling and processing.

・ Users are not responsible for damage, exhaustion, and dirt in the range of use specified in the instruction manual.


User burden

-The user's intentional / negligence, damage, exhaustion, etc. that are not expected in the range of use specified in the instruction manual will be compensated by the user. (Repair cost, purchase, etc.)

・ The theft / loss of rental products will be purchased.


3. Inquiries for rental

7-21-11 Nishi-Gotanida, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo 2nd TOC Building 7F
Ascon Co., Ltd. BABY & ME Division
Phone 0800-100-1730
Email address