What is the Hip Seat Carrier?

What is the Hip Seat Carrier?

The BABY&Me hip seat carrier is an entirely new style of carrying strap never before available that comes with a chair-like seat that can be attached to the traditional baby carrier.

The overwhelming superiority of the product lies in "comfort attainable no where else."

Traditional baby carriers fall into the categories of shoulder belt type, waist belt type and sling straps, but the hip seat carrier is a new type of carrying strap that cannot be classified into any of these. In pursuit of technology based on human engineering, the burden felt at the waist and shoulders with traditional baby carriers is surprisingly reduced. There is no need to worry how wide an infant's hip joints are opened, and the baby carrier prevents dislocation and chafing of the inner thigh.

The BABY&Me hip seat carrier underwent INTERTEK certification which tests regulated substances in more than 20 countries worldwide and obtained the European safety standard European Norm, and won the Gold and Silver Prizes at The Dads Awards, as well as the Silver Award in the British Mumpreneur UK Design/Functions/Safety Division.

Convertible to Variety of Hold Styles

The carrier can be used for a number of holds like the face-to-face, facing forward, and piggyback hold so you can use it anywhere (with the 6 to 8-WAY* optional baby carrier parts attached). In addition, all hip seat carriers are equipped with a safety belt to maintain safety.
Competitor’s products are effective only when your baby is crying or irritable because his or her legs are opened too widely, or his or her inner thighs are chafed, or for wearers who feel too much of a burden on the shoulders or back.

One-of-a-kind product approved in 21 countries around the world has fan centers expanding throughout Southeast Asia and Europe.