The summer of Japan, the temperature and humidity are high.
While hugging, each other's body temperature is transmitted, and both mom daddy and baby get hotter.

Babies have to be careful enough because they can't control their body temperature yet.

Introducing points that you need to be aware of in summer hugs, such as heat and stuffiness, and tips for surviving summer comfortably.

What should I be aware of in summer hugs?

When it comes to physical condition management in summer, you are worried about heat stroke first. It is a dangerous sign if your face turns red or your breathing is faster.
Pay attention to the baby's appearance, and if there is an unusual change, deal with it immediately.

If you leave it sweaty, it may cause skin problems such as sweat rash. In order not to keep your clothes moist, you must wipe the sweat frequently or pass the wind, so that you do not get stuffy.

In the summer sunshine, the baby's thin and weak skin is too irritating.
Take care such as devising direct sunlight and using sunscreen for babies.

Care must be taken because heat stroke and sweat troubles can occur not only while going out but also at home.

What kind of hug is recommended?

The comfort varies depending on the material of the hug.

Recommended is a mesh that is hard to stick and smooth, and cotton that sucks sweat.

Good to keep it clean if you can wash it and remove the parts and wash it!
A quick -drying material is convenient because it dries immediately after washing.

It is also important to choose a product that is easy to put on and take off.

If you put it off quickly, you can avoid sweating just before or just putting it down.

It is also recommended to use a hip seat carrier with a relatively low adhesion with Mama Dad.

It is useful if there are foods that protect your head from the sunshine or pockets that can put a cooling agent.

Can you take measures against heat by using a hug?

It is one of the heat measures to lower your baby, rather than holding it up all the time.
Leave your body and wipe your sweat while cool down your mom dad and your baby.

For that reason, it is important to choose a hug that is easy to put on and take off and does not burden hugs.

It is also recommended to use a hip seat alone!

You can't open your hands like a hug, but you can easily hug it, and it's hard to get hot because the adhesion is low.

Use it well according to your baby's age and scene.

What is useful for plus α?

The cape that is attached to cover the baby's body is useful for sunshade, and can be used as a cooling measure indoors. Some products have a UV -cut effect.

Water -repellent ones can also be used as a measure against rain, but in the hot weather you may have to worry about stuffiness, so choose a breathability to some extent.

Recently, handy -type fan is also becoming a required summer.

Some senior moms say that they have a gauze towel on their back, and if they sweat and get wet, they are preparing for problems such as sweat rash.

It is easier than changing clothes, and it is recommended because it does not become a luggage even if you carry some spare because it is not bulky.

It is also important to protect your head from the sun and use sunscreen for babies as a measure against sunburn and heat stroke.

If you use a parasol, your mom may be able to avoid the sun together.

What is the recommended baby carry in summer?

Baby and Me's hip seat carrier has a structure that can be hugged with a moderate sense of distance that is not too close, so it can be used comfortably in the hot season and can be used comfortably.

Career parts that support the baby's body are outstanding breathability because they turn the cover of the baby's back (when hugging face -to -face). It is popular for the heat of the heat and the measures against stuffiness.

It is also recommended to put a cooling agent between the mesh part and the cover.
Wrapping a cold pack in gauze to avoid getting a part of the body too cold, or that the clothes and hug straps are wet with water droplets.

One of the advantages of baby and med -mail products is that you can remove your carrier parts and use it only with hip seats.

In order to survive the hot summer, various ideas are important, but you can get an advantage by checking the structure and functions and selecting a hug.

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