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"Belk-S", which has won many awards, including the Zexy Baby Review No. 1 consecutive awards, kids' design awards and the Good Design Awards, is the longest from newborn to 20 kg, according to the growth and lifestyle of children. A available hip seat carrier.
By switching parts, you can use it as a waist belt type, hip seat carrier, hip seat and 3style8Way hug.

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What is a hip seat carrier?

"Hip sheet" is like a pedestal that puts it on your waist and puts your child.
"Hip seat carrier" is a "hug string" that combines a hip seat to a hip seat (upper part).
Baby & ME's hip seat carrier is designed to be an engineering engine, can be safely hugged and reduced the burden on the shoulders and waist.

Is it okay to use a hip seat carrier even before the waist sings?

Baby & Me's hip sheet carrier can be used for face -to -face hugs after the neck.
By pulling the child's buttocks when installed, you can take the ideal C curve posture. In addition, the child's seating is non -slip.
Please be assured that it is a product that can maintain the correct posture even for children before the waist.

Can the hip seat carrier be used as a hip seat?

Yes, you can remove the upper part and use it as a hip seat.
When using the hip sheet alone, please support it with both hands so that your child does not fall. In addition, please use it as an auxiliary device holding sideways for children before the neck.

Are you both unisex?

Baby & ME's hip seat carrier is adjusted by magic tape and strap when installed, so you can use it as a men and women.
Compatible waistProduct pagePlease check.

Features of Baby & Me Hip Ceet Carrier


Baby & Me's hip seat carrier is a major feature of the two -layer structure (dual foam) used in the middle of the hip sheet (pedestal).

In addition to reducing the burden on mama daddy, it is designed to prevent the baby's posture, such as preventing the oppression of the baby's back and hip joints, keeping the correct M -shaped leg and the C curve on the back.

Baby & Me hip seats have been demonstrated that the load (load) on the abdomen is reduced by up to about 56%compared to general hip seats.

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