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Daikanyama Tsutaya Bookstore Manager
Honjo YuMr. Miss.

"My Baby & Me" that unravels "your own lifestyle" from an interview with your senior mom who is active in various fields.

Vol.01 introduces Yu Honjo, the manager of Daikanyama Tsutaya Bookstore, which opened in Shibuya Ward in 2011 as a bookstore to send a lifestyle. Aside from work, I talked about what the headquarters, who are 3 years old, 6 years old, and 8 years old, value and what they are aiming for.

Daikanyama Tsutaya Bookstore

Opened on December 5, 2011 based on the concept of the "Forest Library".
The sophisticated shop, which has a wide range of art design books and miscellaneous goods and has a cafe space, is now a synonym for a stylish bookstore.

The job of "bookstore store manager" seems to be understood and I can hardly imagine it, but what are you doing usually?

It's a shop that proposes a “lifestyle” not only for books, but also on miscellaneous goods and events, so I'm doing a lot of things. In the flow of the day, it feels like a morning assembly, checking the sales of the previous day, checking the sales floor ... In the meantime, we had a meeting with the facility manager and those who would like to use the event space. The rest is to create a shift.


Will the sales floor be created?

One of the features of Tsutaya Bookstore is that there are staff members with the right to edit the sales floor called "Concierge". The concierge is selecting a product with its own authority, creating a corner, and planning and operating the event.
The main role of the manager is to create an environment where staff can easily work, and to make it more comfortable for customers as a space axis.

Is there anything that is valued from the standpoint of bundling the staff?

That means creating an environment where staff can grow. I have many opportunities to consult such as "I want to do this kind of project", but I try not to say "no good" as much as possible. Unless you touch the law (laughs). I think there are many things to learn from experience even if you fail.
On the other hand, a spotlight tends to hit a staff who can make a project like a concierge, but I would like to be evaluated for sales staff who are serving customers at the counter every day. From that thought, we have been working on creating a way to step up a part -time job staff.

Will Honjo himself stand at the cash register?

yes. I think that facing customers is indispensable for creating a cozy shop, so I try to stand as much as possible.


I think there are situations where you have to take a rest due to children's events and illness, but how are you going to use?

I think it's easy to adjust because the team is working with a shift.

With a shift system, I think that rest and working hours may be irregular. What is your home support?

In fact, my husband is a former colleague and understands my situation well. Now I change jobs and get another job, but since it is a remote work, they also pick up and drop off children and sleep on late days. When the lower child asks, "Which is your dad or mom, do you sleep with me?"

That's encouraging. Where do you go when you go out with your family?

I'm going to a roadside station. There is a space for children to play, and we choose vegetables with children.

You can see vegetables together!

I'm shopping surprisingly happily. If you choose together, you will eat vegetables you don't usually eat.

I felt that the children's books were substantial, but have you ever come to the store?

there is. When we hold events for children, such as planning picture books on weekends, we can't take a break, so we take a child and have them participate in the event as they are (laughs). When you can take a half a holiday, join and go home together.


I think that the brain used is different between work, housework and childcare, or it is necessary to switch mode. How is the switching around?

I have a lot of commuting time, so I often order online supermarkets there, but it seems that it will switch naturally while doing so.

How do you have a refreshing time other than work and housework?

It's like watching a drama after sleeping or drinking a couple. The rest is a bath with the bottom child. It's interesting to talk about this (3 year old) child (laughs)

Please let me know if you have any items that you have been taking care of for raising children or those that are recommended for readers.

After all it is a bookstore, so this is it. Board book of "Harapoko Aomushi" (left photo). This is what I actually used, but it is still solid, even though three children have pulled. It is recommended to remember the numbers.
I often took this finger puppet book (right photo) when I went out.


Finally, please let us know if you want to be like this as a mother as a store manager.

The fact that the store manager can work full -time only with family support. I want to do a job that can be proud of my family who is cooperating. I would like to create a shop where children, as well as children, come to play more and more, so that they can like books.