"Green Housing Point System" Points For Products to be exchanged

The "Green Housing Point System" is an institution that can be issued by purchasing and renovating a house that meets conditions, such as a certain energy saving performance, and can be replaced with products or applied to additional construction. It is one of the measures to achieve the "realization of a green society" listed as a pillar. There are a limited number of things that can be done by individuals to improve the world -scale environment, but I want to support Baby & Me when the child -rearing generation takes a new step for the future of children. From such a thought, Baby & Me agreed with this system and was adopted as a product to be exchanged for points.

Kamoshima Children's Center, Yoshinogawa City, Tokushima Prefecture

BABY & ME ONE has been donated to "Kamoshima Children's Center", a place of contact, a place for children in Yoshinogawa City, Tokushima Prefecture. You can feel free to try it on when you come to the building. The Kawada River in Misato, Yoshinogawa City, Tokushima Prefecture is famous for being able to appreciate the Genji -butt, which is designated as a national natural monument. In 1970, the entire district was designated as a natural monument of the country as the "firefly and its land in Misato", and it is one of the most common areas in the country, both in the basin area, number, and period of fireflies.

Ashinaga Ikueikai


Ashinaga Ikueikai is a private non -profit organization that supports children in families who cannot work due to the death of parents and cannot work due to significant disability. We continue to care for children and independence support for children who have lost their parents due to the Great East Japan Earthquake. The purpose is to foster human resources with volunteer spirit that contributes to society, which combines "warm heart", "broad perspective", "action", and "internationality".
BABY & ME will donate 10%of charity sales sales to Ashinaga Ikueikai.

Play park Seiga

The Play Park is a place of play with the motto of "playing freely with your own responsibility."
NPO corporation Play Park Seitan is an organization that provides what is needed to interact with nature, release curiosity, and human formation that are necessary in the process of growing up to adults. In each play park, the staff is stationed, not only play with children and maintain a play environment, but also play the role of coordinators that connect local people. It is also a place for consultation between parents and puberty children.
BABY & ME agrees and supports this purpose.

Child -rearing support Tosho meeting

Child -rearing support and ultra -session are important to develop an environment in which children can grow up both physically and mentally, and those who want to give birth and raise children to raise children with peace of mind. This is a task. For this reason, it is a congregation established to contribute to the realization of Tokyo, which can support all children and child -rearing families throughout society while cooperating with related organizations and organizations in various fields.
BABY & ME agrees with this purpose, registers as a joint member, has tried on hip seat carriers and sells charity.

Children's Future Center Akita

A hip seat carrier was presented to the "Children's Future Center" in Kazuno City, Akita Prefecture. Kazuno City, Akita Prefecture, is a city with the best child -rearing support and system in Akita Prefecture, which is the number 1 in Akita Prefecture, which indicates the number of children who give birth in a lifetime.
Above all, the Children's Future Center forms a foundation that supports child -rearing throughout the region, and responds to various childcare needs in child -rearing families, supports the balance between work and childcare, and work with peace of mind while raising children. We support the creation of an environment that can be done.

Baby & Me sympathized with this idea and presented a hip seat carrier to the Children's Future Center. Although the number is limited, we try on and rent for free.

Child -rearing support and ukyo passport

The "Child -rearing Support and Ukyo Passport Business" is a business that Tokyo is promoting for the purpose of fostering social momentum to support child -rearing. In response, it is a mechanism that provides various services.


Child -rearing support center Nagasaki Goto

The Child -rearing Support Center has a child -rearing family parent parent and his child's casually gathering, talking in an unrivaled atmosphere, providing a place to interact with each other, providing consultation on child care, and providing local childcare information. It is a facility that conducts various activities as a commissioned business of the city.

BABY & ME lends free hip seat carriers in the "Child Care Support Center".