Hugs and hip seat carriers, which are essential items for child care.

There should be many Mama dads who are at a loss because there are too many products. We recommend that you try on only large shopping and try it on before purchasing and carefully examine it.

What is Baby & Me?

Baby and Me is 1st place in consecutive Zexy CleansBABY & ME's biggest feature is that it can be used for a long time from the newborn to about 4 years old.

The BELK-S First Set includes a hip seat that wraps the baby's buttocks, a career parts that wraps the baby's body, and a type of waist belt (FIRST parts) that gently wraps the baby's waist.
Baby and Me can be used in combination of three parts
By combining a carrier part that supports the neck and a gently wrapping the buttocks, you can hold it from the neck. It is convenient for breastfeeding and sleeping because it can be used easily by using a hip sheet alone. If you switch the first part to a hip seat, you can use it face -to -face after sitting down, and you can use it for positive hugs and piggybacks after your waist is sitting.

In addition, one of the features is that the structure that keeps the center of gravity near the body of Mama daddy is reduced by the weight of the baby due to the weight of the baby, and can hug and piggyback easily. We also take into account the baby's position and everyone supports comfortable hugs and piggyback time.

Can you try on a hip seat carrier?

You may not know unless you actually hold or piggyback on your baby, such as the ease of attaching and detaching, the sense of stability, and the burden on the body of Mama daddy. Before purchasing, it is recommended that you try it on and check the ease of use, safety, and comfort.

Baby & ME products can be tried at the store of the dealer and the rental service from the online store.

In addition to the structure that reduces the burden by supporting the weight of the baby with the trunk, you can also experience the comfort of Mama Daddy, such as the cushioning of the shoulder straps, the fit, and the softness of the hip seat that hits the stomach. 。 Please also check the touch of the material and the exquisite color that is easy to match with your daily style.

Where can I try it on?

There are two ways to try on Baby & Me products.

One is to try it out at the store of the store, such as Akachan Hongpo and department stores.
Some of the Akachan Hongpo stores have exclusive staff of BABY & ME, which can be used in detail, as well as explanations of how to wear them, as well as detailed questions about functionality.
Please contact us if you are worried.

<< Main handling store >>
・ Akachan Honpo
・ Ribbon mint kids
・ Baby department store Mizutani
・ Yume Town
・ Department store
・ Others (select shops, etc.)

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Can you try repeatedly?

Another way of fitting is the "rental service" provided by the BABY & ME official online store.

"Rental service" can try the latest series BELK-S for a month. Because you can try to use it in various situations in your life, such as home and on the go, you can feel the image of the purchase after purchase. A 5000 yen discount coupon that can be used at the time of purchase comes with it, so it is a recommended service for those who want to consider carefully before purchasing.

When you have any questions or anxiety?

What I don't know is that I want you to solve it and use the product with confidence.
For such thoughts, we accept questions and consultations on the official Instagram at any time.
Please feel free to contact us, such as questions and concerns about the product, such as what you care about before purchasing, the questions after purchase, etc.
If you can contact us by the message, the Baby & Me staff will answer.

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BABY & ME's hip seat carrier, which has won the first place in the Zexy Komi Ranking for the fifth consecutive year. From newborn to graduation, the design that can be optimized as it grows, functionality and security support is a popular secret among Mama daddy.

Please experience a comfortable hug life.