A hug string that can be used for a long time from newborns "Belk-S First Set"

BABY & ME's hip seat carrier "BELK-S First Set" is an all-in-one hug that can be used as a hip seat carrier or a waist-type hug by replacing the parts.

The set consists of three parts, the upper part, the hip sheet, and the FIRST parts, and when the upper part and the hip seat are combined, the hip seat carrier that does not burden the shoulders and waist, combining the upper part and the FIRST parts, the compact waist belt. It can be used as a type of hug.

The crotch width can be adjusted according to growth

The waist belt type that combines the upper part and the FIRST part can be used up to 20 kg from the front of the neck.
The crotch width adjustment function is attached so that you can hug you in the optimal posture as you grow.

Switching from small size to normal size depends on your child's growth, but we recommend after the neck.

Adjust so that the opening of the crotch becomes a natural M -shape.

Natural M -shaped open leg

Baby & Me's hip seat carrier "BELK-S FIRST set", which is close to the family every day from birth to graduation of a hug.

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