According to the Cabinet Office, the average number of children who have the first marriage (15 to 19 years of marriage (15 to 19 years of marriage) "has been almost flat for 50 years since 2.2 in 1972. Since 2010, two people have been cut to 1.9, but it is still the same as many families continue to raise children ( *).

Many people may be worried about what to do with hugs and piggybacks when they are pregnant or have two children during the second pregnancy.
Let's check the points to be aware of while talking about the experienced senior mom.

(※source:Cabinet Office homepage

Can you hold your upper child during pregnancy?

Especially in the early stages of pregnancy, having heavy things can lead to imminent miscarriage and miscarriage. Depending on the weight of the upper child, you need great power when hugging, and you want to avoid hugging as much as possible because the stomach is applied.
However, hugs are important skinships and communication between moms and children. Be careful by hugging on your knees while sitting.

In the middle period when the stomach is starting to stand out, the waist becomes warped. Although the dangers of imminent miscarriage are lower than in the early days, it is recommended that you stay within a reasonable range when holding the upper child, as the burden on the waist increases.
The most burdened stomach and waist is when you hold it up or lower it. If your dad, grandpa, or grandmother is nearby, you can reduce the burden if you ask for hugging and hug or baton touch without sorting.

In the late pregnancy, the stomach becomes even bigger, making it harder to hug. It is a time when it is easy to get hungry, so it is forbidden. As in early pregnancy, it's a good idea to hug you while sitting, increase your skinship opportunities, and take up and walk.

Can you use a hug string during pregnancy?

Even if you say that you are pregnant, your mom's body and baby's condition will change steadily from the beginning to the second half, so it is not possible to conclude whether it is OK or NG to use a hug.
In addition, the burden is different depending on the age and weight of the upper child, so it is necessary to consider it.

What you want to avoid during pregnancy is to have heavy things and squeeze your stomach.
It is an attractive hug that the child's weight is distributed on the shoulders and waist, and the burden can be reduced, but when hugging down, it is inevitable that a large load is instantaneously applied, and the waist belt and hips are inevitable. There is also a disadvantage that the seat is squeezed on the stomach.

In other words, there are people who support hugs, and it can be used if it is a simple hug that is not a structure that tightens the stomach. When you go out or do housework with your upper child, it is convenient to be able to use a hug.
However, inappropriate use not only puts a burden on the mother, but may be dangerous to the baby, so use it after consulting a doctor.

How do you meet the needs of hugs at the same time?

After giving birth, there will be some scenes where you have to hold them at the same time. When the lower child is born, there are many cases where the upper child makes a "baby return" and is spoiled by mom, and it is often heard that he is hugged more than ever.

When researching a senior mom / dad, some people hug them one by one with their left and right arms, while others have a piggyback on a piggyback string or a multifunctional hug, and hug the lower child.
Everyone seems to have found a way that suits you in trial and error, but in any case, when holding the lower child, it is necessary to consider the degree of growth.
Newborns who are not after birth may cause unexpected injuries if they do not support their necks and backs because they have underdeveloped skeletons and muscles. Based on the "horizontal hug" where your body is laid sideways.

Moms who are working hard on one -operation childcare may have the opportunity to go out with their upper child. In that case, we recommend that you prepare a hug string for horizontal hugs.
Until your baby can support your head yourself (your neck sings), you need to be careful to hold a vertical hug. A vertical hug string that can be used by newborns, which has a function to support the neck, is also sold, but not all hugs. Before use, be sure to make sure that it corresponds before the target age and neck sitting.
When hugging one by one alternately, we recommend a hip seat that is easy to hug and hug you.

Hip seats can be used for sideways and hugging

Also, when challenging the piggyback + hugging style, use a special hug string to prevent the fasteners, etc. hitting the child's body and skin and not being injured.

What about twins' hugs?

In the case of twins who have two babies at the same time, of course, the trouble of taking care is always for two people.
Breastfeeding and diaper changing can be handled one by one in order, and it seems that there is no problem if you use a stroller when you go out, but there are places where twin strollers are wide, so there are places where you can not pass, and two people will start out at the same time. There will be. In such a case, you have to hug them at the same time.

Two -dedicated hugs are also sold.
The shape is a type that both holders in front and the type that holds and piggybacks one by one before and after. There are not many types, and the dealers are limited, so it is quite difficult to obtain, but it seems to be a necessity for moms who grow twins in one optic.
On the other hand, if your grandparents and dads are fully obtained, you may hear that "twins were not particularly necessary."

Can Baby & Me hugs be used for twins?

It seems that some moms challenge the double use of ordinary hugs and piggyback strings, but they are not made to use two at the same time, so they are not easy to use.

Unfortunately, BABY & ME's hugs are not expected to hug them at the same time. Please note that it is dangerous if it becomes a wrong installation method.
With the Belk-S First set, you can use two cords and hip seats, so moms and dads can be installed and hugged.

The lifestyle and living environment vary depending on the family, and the needs are different. I think you are looking for a better way while devising each, but safety must be given top priority. Convenient tools such as hugs can also lead to unexpected injuries and accidents without using them correctly.
Use it properly while checking the product instructions and consulting your doctor as needed.

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