What are you doing dirt on the hug?

One of the indispensable items for childcare.
Because it is used every day, it is surprisingly dirty with baby sweat and drooling.
In summer, you are particularly worried about sweat.

Baby & Me hugs are made of dough that is hard to get dirty so that they can be used comfortably at any time, easy to clean, so that they can be washed for each part.

In this article, we will introduce a simple care method at home and how to wash in a washing machine.

Can you wash with a hug?

BABY & ME's hip seat carrier (Belk-S series, One-S Light series) uses a waterproof fabric. If it is light dirt, it can be easily removed by lightly applying a moist towel.

It is recommended to wipe off and partially wash for everyday care, but if you are worried about terrible dirt and smell, let's wash it!

It can be easily washed with a washing machine.

How to clean in a washing machine

Preparation for hugs

To prevent discoloration and color transfer, wash separately from others.

1. Remove all the attached accessories and parts and take out the middle of the hip seats

When taking out the middle wood, don't forget the urethane foam.

2. Fill all buckles and velcro and close the zipper

If the strap is summarized in a strapping band (rubber part), remove it. By returning the rubber, it can prevent deterioration due to washing.

3. Enter each part in the washing net

At this time, fold the buckle and button so that it is inside.

What do detergent use? What is the washing machine course?

When you are ready to hug, put it in the washing machine and wash it.

The detergent used is a neutral detergent. We recommend delicate detergent used to wash wool and hemp.
Do not use the detergent containing fluorescence white agent and chlorine bleach, as it may cause discoloration.

The course varies depending on the model, such as "fashionable dressing" and "dry course", but is washed on the weakest water flow course.

Then just dry!

Hang it in the shade and dry it completely!
It dries quickly if you dry it in a well -ventilated place.
Please do not use a dryer.

The method of care is also introduced in the video.
Please refer to it.

To prevent dirt

By using a drooling cover, it can prevent dirt on the hugging string body, making it easier to clean.
Baby & me can be customized for sleeping food and belt cover, so it is also recommended for washing.

Because it is used every day, I want to keep it clean with simple care.

I would like to master how to clean and spend a more comfortable hug life.

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