In recent years, men have been focusing on child -rearing, such as male childcare leave and actively participating in childcare.I have not only moms but dads as well as childcare. Both moms and dads are the closest to the growth of the baby so that they can live a more happy and rich life through raising children."hug"I will introduce the thoughts, worries of each daddyama, and the hugs that can be used together.

Is "hug" a childcare? Daddy childcare situation

"My dad doesn't cooperate with childcare at all!"
From a mom who is busy with childcare every day, "Dad doesn't do housework or childcare at all! "I act like Ikumen even though I'm just doing it sometimes!"It seems that there are many things that are dissatisfied with. However, according to a questionnaire, there are so many dads who want to actively participate in childcare, and 97.0%of dads answered that they would like to participate in childcare, and 74.6%answered that they would like to take childcare leave and half -education leave. doing.

Graph related to childcare participation

What is child -rearing?It is a great burden both physically and mentally, so it would be helpful if Daddy really actively participated in childcare!


I want to have so many dads participating in childcare! Many moms feel one -operated childcare. Why?

0 -year -old childcare questionnaires about childcare conducted by dads, most dads are doing "to be a baby and play partner", and more than 80 % of "changing diapers" and "taking a bath" are more than 80 %. It turns out that Dad is practicing.

Childcare graph that Daddy is doing

Certainly, if you ask, you will be happy to do it. It may be that there are many dads who are good at changing diapers or taking a bath.
But from a mom's point of view,"I want to clear the dirty diapers." "If you take a bath, I want you to wipe your body, change clothes, and end up with a toothbrush!"It seems that there are things that I want to do more.

On the other hand, in a questionnaire on things that are particularly difficult and difficult about childcare, "night crying", "sleeping", "preparation and preparation for baby food" is a big difference, and it is the top 3, especially "night crying correspondence". Nearly half of my dad was not good at "sleeping".

Childcare graph that is not good

Childcare that is easy to work on such as "playing with children", and childcare with a certain pattern, such as "changing diapers" and "taking a bath", have relatively low hurdles, "sleeping sleeping" and "night crying" Correspondence, etc.Regarding that you don't go as you want, you can see that there are many dads who are not good at it.
I guess it's not good to leave it to my mom because I'm not good at it.

If you leave the difficult things to say, "I'm better at mom" and "I don't know how to do it", my mom feels "only easy things".
At first, it is important to challenge while failing.

What my mom is not good at is that she feels very difficult. Let's cooperate with each other!

Daddy's common problems: The baby starts to cry when hugged

Baby night crying

Be sure to cry at night or sleep"hug"It is a very important skinship for the growth of the baby's mind and body.
When mom hugs, she is smiling, but when her dad hugs her, her baby starts crying ... Do you have this experience?

For Daddy, who is trying to work hard together with childcare, she is quite shocked during her dads and papa.
But you don't have to lose confidence, "Do you like moms?"
Even moms are not good at hugging from the beginning. The childcare debut is the same for both dads and moms, but moms spend overwhelmingly with their babies.
Communicate with your baby without giving upI also love dad's hugs!Let's be able to think!

Hugging a newborn baby

New Daddy"I'm afraid of hugging because my body is too soft." "I don't know where to support me."Sometimes you may be worried about hugging a newborn baby.

So I will introduce the basics of how to hug.

Basic sideways

  1. 1. Gently put your palm under the baby's head and support it from your neck to your head.
    How to hold a newborn 1
  2. 2. Put the opposite hand from the baby's crotch and support the buttocks with the whole palm.
    How to hold a newborn 2
  3. 3. Hug slowly while bringing your dad's body to your baby. Slow your hands slowly, use the whole elbow to your wrist to wrap them in your arms.
    How to hold a newborn 3
It is recommended because it is easy to stabilize when supported with a hip seat.
How to hold a newborn baby hip sheet

Daddy can always do it! Challenge until your baby likes your dad's hug!

If Daddy likes hugs and babies like dad's hugs, there are many benefits, such as reducing the burden on mom.When Daddy can hug, mom can do other housework and rest at that time.

Even if you have a dad, if you say "I'm good!" So it would be helpful if Dad hugged me!

yesHugging is a fine childcareIt is one of.

Try to actively take skinships and communication with your baby so that you don't refuse your dad.

Time to interact with the baby increases daddy awareness

Being able to hug a lot of dads can have a positive effect on moms as well as moms. "Papa switch" is entered by feeling close to the distance from the baby."Helping mom"not"I am raising children jointly by the couple"I feel like that.
Daddy, who is still not good at hugs, is okay because the hugs will support you!

Use auxiliary items when hugging is not going well

Even if you want to hug a lot, dad tends to leave to your mom if your baby starts crying.
In such a case, auxiliary itemsHugLet's use.

The hug is an excellent one made to hug your baby comfortably.
In addition, the burden on the body is also considered so that dads and moms do not have a bad posture.

When I was a child, when I rode a bicycle, I first put on an auxiliary wheel.
It is the same for hugging to wear the right posture and sense of balance and gradually improve.
By using a hug for the first time, you will gain a sense of the right posture.

Why Daddy doesn't use a hug

 It is a convenient and unstable hug, but it seems that men are not used to it.

When I took a questionnaire on Baby & Me, the following three reasons for daddy do not use a hug.

Why not use a hug?
・ Design and size do not match
・ You can hug you without a hug
・ My body is hard and I am not good at mounting
(From Baby & Me Survey)

Certainly, there are many cute designs that are conscious of using moms.
Although it is an impression of our shop, it has become a corona whirlpool, and it has been due to the fact that remote work has progressed and dad's home time has become longer. It has become like this.

In addition, a muscular dad who is more muscular compared to mom can hug without getting tired even without a hug! Many people think. Certainly, men may be more burdensome than women.
The important thing isHugging in a posture that your baby is happy withis.
From a mom's point of view, especially when dad holds a baby in front of the neck, it is often harassed.
It's important to be the best hug for your baby.

What kind of hug should I choose?

Even if you choose a hug string, it is a very difficult task to find and select "which is better" or "whether you can use it as a mom" from many types.
I would like to easily explain what kind of hug to choose to use for Daddy.

Unisex hug

Considering economic things, a hug that can be used as a dad and mom is the best. If there is not much difference in daddy mom, you can share one hug.
Even if there is a physique differenceA hug string that is easy to adjust the sizeThen you can use it without feeling too much stress.

RecommendedWaist belt typeHugorThe pedestalHip seat carrier
There are many things that can be used for a long time, it is economical, and the size can be adjusted, so it is a hug with many people to choose.

A hug dedicated dedicated

If the physique difference between Daddy Mama is large, it may be better to prepare a hug dedicated dedicated. If you are different in height, your shoulders are different, so if you use the same thing, you may feel uncomfortable for your baby.
By creating a "daddy only", your dad's motivation will increase, and you can enjoy childcare more.

RecommendedSling type
There are many simple designs, and even dads who are not good at wearing buckles can be used without resistance. Although the size is divided by body type, it is relatively inexpensive compared to the waist belt type or hip seat carrier, so it is good to prepare it for daddy.

In such a case, a hug dedicated dedicated is recommended.

If the size does not fit each other

If either dad or mom does not fit, it will gradually stop using it. When trying on a hug string, try it on, rent and try it at home, and it is safe to check each other's fit.

If you need to change the size many times

If you need a lot of adjustments, such as straps and belts, you will feel troublesome before wearing a hug.
If you are not used to hugging yet, you may want to use a hug as soon as your baby begins to cry. If it takes a long time to install it when you compete, there is no source or child.
If you have a lot of adjustments when you take a hug, it is smoother to prepare a hug.

If design and color hobbies do not match

Even if it is functionally satisfactory, design and color hobbies may not match. It is important to approach, but it is also recommended to incorporate your favorite colors to enjoy your daily hug life.

Baby & Me also rent a hug.
If you want to try it slowly with your family, please consider it.

Baby and Me Rental Service

Popular hugs for dads

However, a hug with many designs for women.
Here are some points and recommended types that men can attach.

Points of hugs that are popular with dads

・ Easy to install
・ Calm color
・ Materials that are easy to match with clothes

About a hug"Mounting is troublesome" "I'm not good at my body because my body is hard"There are many dads who feel thatEasy to wear is important pointsis.
Also, it is a good idea to consult with the color and pattern together so that your dad can be used aggressively. Black, denim, and plain colors are also popular with men.
We recommend that the material is easy to match with everyday clothes. If you have a lot of casual clothes, it is easy to match nylon and mesh fabric. If you have a lot of simple clothes, it is easy to use a calm texture with polyester fabric.

Recommended hugs (by type) for dads



A type that does not have a buckle that Daddy is not good at. It is easy to wear if you only wear it from above. There are various types of materials and colors, and it is relatively inexpensive, so it is good to prepare your favorite dad and mom.
Because of the high degree of adhesion with the baby, it may not be suitable for hot dads.

Mesh hug

Mesh hug

For dads who are not good at adhering with babies in hot weather, mesh hugs are recommended. It is comfortable because it misses stuffiness and heat.

Hip seat carrier

Hip seat carrier

Because the baby is sitting on the pedestal and wearing it, there is no need to adjust the belt while supporting the weight, so you can adjust the size.
The hip seat carrier has a removable part on the shoulder, and can be used only with hip seats.

Hip sheet


The period of hugging in child -rearing seems to be a long time and is actually a very limited period. Dad also find your favorite hug and have a fun life period.