It is one of the essential items for childcare, but there are various types, and many people are wondering which to choose? Among them, recently, I have often seen hip -seated hugs. This time, I will introduce the hip seat, so please refer to it for choosing a hug.

What is a hip seat?

A hip seat is a hug with a pedestal. Wrap a belt around the waist like a waist pouch, and use the child to sit on the pedestal.

The simplicity of wearing a waist belt is the biggest feature of the hip sheet, "You can quickly wear it when you want to hug" "The pedestal supports the child's weight, so the burden on your arms will be zero!" "It's easy to hug even if your child grows up♪"It is becoming one of the indispensable items for childcare.

The role of the hip seat

The hip seat is a new form of hugs that set the line apart from a common "hug string".
When a child does not want to enter the hug string, he uses it as an auxiliary tool, graduated from his hug, but he still uses it when he is still in need of hugs, and is active in a wide range of scenes in a wide range of target age.

A scene that is useful when there is a hip seat

It is easy to hug your child, so it is useful for breastfeeding, sleeping in the newborn, hugging a little at home, short movements to cars, walking and hugging.

Effect of hip seats

As mentioned above, there is an advantage that it can be used easily and for a long time, as mentioned above, but among senior Mama daddy, "this is convenient!" )is.

If you use a hip seat carrier, I will introduce what kind of good things are.

Reduce the burden of mama daddy

Hip seat carriers are ideal for moms and dads suffering from stiff shoulders and back pain. The weight is distributed because the baby's weight is supported by three points on the shoulder, waist, and pedestal. In addition, when the baby rides on the pedestal, the center of gravity of each other is closer, reducing the burden on the body.

Baby stability

Because the baby is sitting on the pedestal, you can hug you in a comfortable state for your baby, without having to be hung or squeezed.

Posture support

Hip seat carriers support not only the baby but also the attitude of Mama Dad. A solid waist belt keeps Mama Daddy's posture straight. The presence of a hip seat closer to the baby's center of gravity and the center of gravity of the mama dad, making it easier to balance, making it less likely to cause stiff shoulders and back pain from the collapse of posture.

Benefits of hip seats

What are the benefits of hip sheet carriers than so far?

Suitable for long -term use

The baby's weight can be distributed evenly, making it less tired even if you hold a baby for a long time. In addition, it can maintain the natural posture of the baby, maintaining comfort.

Can be used according to growth and scene

Many hip seat carriers can remove the hip seat part and the carrier on the shoulder. There are some hip seats that can be used since the newborn, so they can be used for nursing cushions and lying down immediately after birth. If your neck is sitting, you can use a carrier and use it as a hug, and you can use it in various ways according to growth while switching parts.

Variations of functionality and design

It has a variety of functionality, such as a type such as pockets that can store accessories on the lower part and side of the pedestal, a model that can be easily folded and easy to carry, and one that can be washed in a washing machine. There is a hip seat. The point is that you can choose according to your lifestyle, from a solid type of a carrier to a single shoulder strap with a single shoulder strap.

Please check here for the advantages and disadvantages of each of the hip seats and hugs.

Hip seats and hugs advantages and disadvantages 

Points of choosing a hip sheet

There are four main points for choosing a hip sheet. Because it is used for babies, safety should be given priority above all, but here are some other points.

Materials / quality

Choosing a hip seat material is a very important factor. If possible, it is safe to check directly by trying on at stores and rentals. The drooling cover that directly touches the baby's sensitive skin has a moisture absorption and breathability with natural cotton, and it can maintain comfort.

Durability is also important in terms of safety. Hip seats are essential to support the baby's weight and have a durable material and appropriate size. You will want to choose a compact design, but make sure your strength is solid. For domestic products, SG standards set by the Product Safety Association will be helpful.

Check the ease of washing. Hugs are expected to be dirty due to the leaks or drooling of diapers. Hip seats are composed of multiple parts, so it is more convenient to remove and wash each part. In addition, it is desirable to choose materials that are easy to wash in the washing machine.

Size / adjustment possibilities

When choosing a hug for the first time, it tends to choose according to the size of the baby, but the baby grows surprisingly quickly. At the time of purchase, it is necessary to take into account the possibility that the size will not fit in a certain period of time, so choose a hip seat with a wide range of adaptive weight in anticipation of growth, as well as your baby's current weight and body type. Also, if you choose a type that can be easily adjusted, switching from mom hug to dad hug will be smooth.

Design / functionality

The hug is an indispensable item for your baby. Because it is a hug string used every day, it is important to choose your favorite design and improve your mood. You may want to choose a design or color that suits your fashion. Also, consider when to use a hug, think about your lifestyle, and choose a hug with the necessary functions.

Price / value

If you search for "hip sheet" on the Internet, you will find a variety of manufacturers and products from price range, and you will be wondering what to judge.
The price is one of them.
If you choose only the price, you may not be satisfied with the function, and even if you feel that it is expensive at first, you can use it for a long time as it grows, so there is no need to replace it, so it may be more cost -effective. Check the functionality and safety aspects and choose a hug that suits you.

Baby & Me hip seats can be used for a long time from newborn to graduation, so you can make the best hugs as you grow.
Baby & Me is a safe Japanese brand.