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Have you heard of a baby's "growth curve"?
It shows the growing guidelines for each age and age by gender, and you can know how the degree of growth is compared to the national average. Let's check what kind of hugs are suitable for each growing stage, along with the graph view.

What is a baby growth curve?

It is a graph of baby's height, weight, motor function, etc., so you can learn about the growth of each age by gender. The "infant physical growth curve" published in the Mother and Child Health Handbook is exactly that.
The source is the "Infant Body Training Report", which is investigated and published by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare every 10 years.

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This graph is represented by "percentile".
The percentile is to arrange the data in order from the smaller one and see how many percent hits. The upper line on the graph is 97%and the lower line is 3%, which will include 94%of babies during this time.
The "Infant Body Training Report" also lists a list of values, which is just 50%of the age of each month. For example, the male average when birth is 2.98 kg, 8.01 kg for less than 6 to 7 months, but 50 % of the graph also indicates the value.

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If you record the actual height and weight on the "Infant Body Breeding Line" graph of the Mother and Child Health Handbook, you can find out how much growth is compared to babies nationwide.

What are the guidelines for choosing a hug?

The data listed in the "Infant Body Training Investigation Report" is mainly related to choosing a hug.
The load capacity varies depending on the product. Some can handle up to 20 kg or more, but it seems that general hugs are often limited to about 15 kg.
The load capacity is specified for each product. For safety, don't use it for children with weight beyond that.

On the other hand, when the weight of the child is about 12 to 15 kg, there is also a fact that more mamapapapa feels painful for long -term hugs. There are differences depending on your physical strength and muscle strength, but if you exceed the load capacity of mama daddy, you may hurt your body, so it is forbidden to do so.
If the burden due to weight increases, you may want to use a stroller together depending on the situation.

What is the best hug until the latter half of life?


The degree of growth of the baby to check when choosing a hug is not just weight. The baby right after birth needs to be careful not to injure unexpected injuries because the muscles and skeleton are underdeveloped.

Until the neck is completely sitting, use a hug that supports horizontal hugs, or if you raise your baby's body and hold a "vertical holding", choose the one that supports the neck.
As a guide for the neck, it is about 4 months old, but there are individual differences. If you do not do it with insufficient development, it may lead to serious injuries. Observe the baby and determine.

Also, despite the sitting neck, the baby's body is still growing. In order to keep a reasonable posture, it is necessary to check whether the back is a natural C curve or M -shaped legs is formed so that it can maintain a reasonable posture, so that it does not hinder growth.
When purchasing a hug, select the point that you can wrap your hips without burdening the hip joint, and that your back and arms will not stretch.

Which hugs are active near 1 year old?


About 7 months after birth, the muscles around the waist and back are also developed, and the waist sits down. If you can sit on the floor and keep your posture yourself without touching your hand, it is evidence that your waist is sitting.

The weight is about 8 kg at the age of 7 months, and at the age of one year, an average of around 9 kg will exceed 10 kg, so it is recommended to choose a highly functional hug that can reduce the weight burden. To do. If you have a waist belt, the weight is distributed and the burden is reduced. With a hip seat carrier type, the pedestal (hip sheet) supports the child's buttocks, so it is easy to keep your posture and hug.
Checkpoints are the stability of the shoulder straps and waist belt, and the cushioning of the hip seat that hits the stomach of mama daddy. In addition, a hug with a structure that can hold a baby near the center of gravity of the mama dad is hard to feel weight and can be hugged easily.

Should I buy a hug as with growth?


The functions for hugs will change when the body is inadequate and requires various support, and when the body is firm and gained weight.
Therefore, there are many mom dads who buy a hug as they grow.

However, it is not a cheap shopping, but it is bulky, so the storage location is a painful problem. If you can, you want to do it with one hug without replacing or buying or buying.


Baby & Me Belk-S First set can be changed by simply switching parts, and it can be used from the newborn to about 4 years old.
Until the neck is sitting, it can be used by combining a career part that wraps the upper body of the baby and a waist belt type FIRST part that gently supports the buttocks, and can be used as a hip seat carrier by switching the FIRST parts to hip seats after the neck.

Both the waist belt type and the hip seat carrier can hold up to 20kg, so it can be switched according to the used scene.

In addition, because it can be used with a hip sheet alone, it is convenient when there are many hugs, such as when you start walking, and can be used for hugging sideways in front of your neck, and it is useful for breastfeeding and sleeping.


Baby & Me products can be tried on at stores, and the official online store can also use trial rentals and sub -clants, so be sure to realize the ease of use.