1. What is a hip seat?

As the name suggests, a hug item with a pedestal that puts your baby's buttocks.

Wrap a belt around the waist like a waist pouch, and use the child to sit on the pedestal.

HeavySupportTherefore, the burden on the arms and shoulders of Mamapapapa can be reduced.

There are also types of hip seats, hugging stringsA shoulder belt was attached likeThere is also a type.

The conventional hug strainer is a shoulder belt typeWaist belt typeIt is widely classified into a sling type,Hip seat carrierNot in the conventional classificationNew typeHugIs

2. Advantages and disadvantages of using hip seats

The burden on the shoulders and waist is low, and for a little movement ◎

Hip seats have a pedestalDedicatedAs we are, we can distribute the weight of the baby and go to the shoulder and waist.LoadCan be reduced. The point is that it is easy to put on and take off and can put your baby on it smoothly, so it is convenient for a small move.

The difficulty is that both hands are not empty

I'm worried that the pedestal part is bulky compared to a general hug. The hip seat has a simple structure that can be easily attached just by wrapping the waist belt quickly, so it can be easily stored under a stroller, etc. without a cluttered belt.
It is also a disadvantage that both hands are not empty because they hold their children with both hands. If you are hugging for a long time, it is recommended to use a hug cord properly or use a hip sheet (hip sheet carrier) with a shoulder belt like a hug.

3. When can the hip seat be used?

In general, there are many types that can be used until about 6 to 36 months after birth, where you can sit down and sit down. Some types can be used from the newborn.

Each product varies, so be sure to check it.

4. How to choose a hip seat

Select by type

Roughly divided into hip seats3There are some types.

"Went -rolled type"
Like a waist porch, the waist -wrapped type, which is used by wrapping a belt around the waist, is hugged by the baby sitting on the pedestal, so the shoulder is not burdened.

"Shoulder type"
The shoulder type has not only the waist but also a shoulder belt, so the baby's weight is distributed and the burden on the waist is reduced. It is a nice point that the width of the hug style increases as the stability when holding the baby hugs.

"Hug -string type"
The hug -string type hip sheet (hip sheet carrier) has a belt with a general hug -like shape on both shoulders, so the advantage of both hands is free.The load on the shoulder and waist is reduced because it supports the weight of the weight of the weight (mom, dad).

Choose according to the age of the month

Depending on the productteeth,Some can be used since the newborn.
Since the target age is different for each product, you need to check when purchasing.

In the newborn, choose a type that can support your neck that has not been sitting yet. When hugging sideways, you can reduce the burden on your hands and arms by using the pedestal of the hip seat.

ThanHip sheetbutIn general, the baby starts walking1Old age1Around and a half years old. It is convenient because the baby becomes heavy and it becomes difficult to support it with a hug string, and when it comes to hugging or walking repeatedly, it can be put or dropped.

Check safety

Choose a product that has a good consideration for safety, such as a non -slip or a fall prevention belt on the buttocks.A natural posture when a baby sitsMaintainingSeeminglyAttach the pedestal to the pedestalSome are designed.Among the inexpensive products, it is made with simple materialsPedestalPlease note that there are some.

The folding type can be carried compactly

You can also choose a type with a function that combines ease of use.
The folding type isBy folding the pedestal partMore compact and luckyWhat isCanConvenient.

However, while it is compact, it is convenient to carry it, but as the belt etc. are simple, and as the child grows, the burden on the pedestal may increase into the stomach, such as increasing the burden at the time of installation.

Hip seats with a history that were mainly used overseas, such as South Korea, China, and Western countries, may be designed according to the country of sales, so the comfort of wearing it is also a size that suits you. It is a big point that leads to.

Recommended with storage pockets

Waist beltThere is a porch onThe type with a pocket inside the pedestal isSmartphones, keys, coin cases, etc.Convenient because you can put the necessities when you go out.

handLess luggageSoIt is popular if you can go out lightly.

5. Summary

Hip seats with various types such as types and functional aspects. It is recommended that you use the fitting and rental services at the store to actually check the feeling of use.

By all means, please look for a comfortable hip seat that suits you.
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