1. What is the difference between a hip seat and a hug?

A hug string, one of the indispensable items for childcare.

There are various types of hugs, such as baby carriers, slings, baby wraps, and piggyback strings. Hip seats are a kind of hug that has been increasing in recent years, and is a hug with a pedestal where the baby can sit.

The major difference between the hug and the hip seat is that while the hug "wraps" the baby, the hip seat is "put" a baby.


Hip seats are attractive because they are ease of hugging

The hip seat is easily installed by simply fixing the belt around the waist.can.Also, childHuggingBut quickly and easilytreeSoIt is also convenient when hugging a little.

Hugging straps are attractive with high degree of adhesion

The hug has a feeling of adhesion that the baby is wrapped inThatcharmis。 Because it is held firmly, you can hold both hands and hold it, so you can use both hands for free.


2. What are the advantages and disadvantages of hip seats?

The advantage of the hip seat is that it is easy anyway!

Hip seats are for childrenHuggingIs easy!

The child who begins to walk isBecause it is frequent to walk and hug,Hip seats that can be put quickly are useful.

In addition, the width of the waist belt is wider than that of a common hug.The pedestal distributes the weight, so the shoulderorTo the waistA nice point that the burden is small ◎

MountingThe method is simple, soSome dads are not good at hugsIt can be easily installed.

The disadvantage of the hip seat is a bit bulky ...

Because there is a pedestala bitThe drawback is bulky.

There are types that can be used like a waist pouch and a type that can be folded, so choose according to the application.

Also,Pyder materialVarious typesBecause there is, Those that can be used safely and securelyofchooseThatrecommendationMushroomvinegar

MakerOnForTarget age is limitedthingThere are many, so it is necessary to select it carefully considering the period of use.


3. What are the advantages and disadvantages of hugs?

The advantage of the hug string is the feeling of adhesion

The charm of a hug string that wraps the baby firmly is the security that can be obtained by being in close contact.

Wrap a soft baby with a skeleton
You can hug you as if you were a baby and support your baby's right posture.

Also, from the newborn babyThe physiqueTightlydid2~3It is also attractive that there are many types that can be used at a wide range of years until the age.

The disadvantage of the hug string is the heat and the difficulty of wearing it.

Because of the high degree of adhesion, the heat is hot in the summer.Easy to doTherefore, both mom daddy and babies need to take measures against heat.

In addition, it may take a long time to wear it because it has a safety device such as a belt.


4. Which is a hug string and a hip sheet, that suits me?

For such people, "hug string" is recommended

Emphasis on the sense of stability supported with shoulders and waistWicking, Close contact when hugging a low -age babyEvery timeRecommended for those who want to take care ofis

Also, not only hugging but also people who want to piggybackOne of the hugs that can be piggybackedIt will be convenient to have

There are also types that can be carried compactlyEven when you go out with a strollerActive as a sub item.

"Hip sheet" is recommended for such people

There is a lot of movement to that,Hugging and walkingHuggingFor those who have many opportunitiesrecommendationWhat is the hip sheet.

1Older,VitalitybecomestartBecome a friend of Mama Daddy with a child of the moonIt is an item.

If you are hugging sideways, there are some things that can be used from the newborn, so if you use it as a support for breastfeeding or sleeping, the burden on your arms and wrists will be reduced.

Even if a baby is still old, hugging for a long time is surprisingly burdensome.

It is a helping item that can be easily supported by various uses according to the age.

5. Summary

With a hugIt is important to understand the hip sheet, each feature, and choose a hip seat or a hug strap that suits the lifestyle of Mama Daddy.

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