A new type of hug "hip sheet carrier" with a pedestal (hip sheet) where the child sits.

Not only can it be used as a hip seat, but it can also be used as a hug, reducing the burden on the shoulders and waist! And the word -of -mouth is gradually spreading.

Can a hip seat carrier be used for piggybacks?

You can hug your shoulders and waist easily! It is a reputed hip seat carrier, but it is actually recommended for piggyback.

The pedestal (hip sheet) and a wide waist belt support the baby's weight, so the baby's body is less likely to sink and can be piggybacked in a stable posture.

Baby & Me's hip seat carrier "BELK-S" can be used for piggybacks from around 7 months when the waist is firmly sung.

When do you put it on?

Hugging the baby in front of the mom's body can see the baby firmly, but the movement of the mom is restricted.

Especially in the case of the second person, the child below is often unable to get clear, and a piggyback is best for a small housework or sleeping.

Recently, it is also recommended for evacuation in the event of a disaster because the view of the feet is easy to move and it is easy to move.

How to do a piggyback on a hip seat carrier

A piggyback on a hip seat carrier is not a way to carry a baby from behind, but to move the baby backwards from the back.

You can put a baby on a crib or sofa, so you can wear it relatively anywhere.

In addition, since you can piggyback from the state of hugging, you can switch without dropping your baby.

When you try a piggyback for the first time, practice it several times without your child.

It is easy to understand when you check it in the video.

At first, you need a little trick, but if you learn it, it will be more convenient to use!

Belk-S First set is OK after the neck is sitting!

Belle Quest Fast Set can be switched by switching

With the "Belk-S First Set", which is a set of the first part, it can be switched from a hip seat carrier to a waist belt type hug, and can be piggybacked after the neck (around 4 months).

First parts wrap the baby's buttocks three -dimensionally to achieve ideal legs. In addition, head support that supports the baby's neck is adjusted with an adjuster and is safe.

Supporting the baby's posture even in the piggyback

Senior mom's voice

In the case of a crib, even if you don't sleep easily because you get right away, you can piggyback. Head support will support your neck firmly, so you can rest assured!

 If you master correctly, you will be very active when you go out or do housework. Please take on the challenge!

Take a look at OK BELK-S