Many new moms and dads are worried about their baby sleeping.
"The baby is hard to sleep""Even if you sleep, it will get up as soon as you put it on the bed."I guess there are many people who are struggling to sleep.
When a baby doesn't sleep well, there are many voices saying that if you use a hug, your baby will settle down and sleep well.

How long will it last to sleep with a hug? Is it okay to sleep on a hug? I will answer questions about such a hug and sleeping!

You don't have to stop lying on a hug.♪

First of all, there is no need to stop lying on a hug. Because it is natural that a baby hugs calms down and makes it easier to sleep, and if the baby sleeps with confidence using a hug, it is ant to rely on a hug.

According to the RIKEN's announcement, when the baby was crying, when the mother hugged and walked for 5 minutes in a row, it was found that about half of the baby falls asleep, as well as crying. This study shows that when I walked with a violently crying baby, I was crying significantly, and I couldn't cry when I was sitting.(From RIKEN's Institute "Baby's Crying and Lighting Science")

It turned out that "sleeping while moving" with a hug is scientifically effective.

How long will you sleep in your hug?

However, it is troublesome if you can not sleep unless you hold it forever. I asked my senior mom about the period of sleeping when hugging.

How long have you been sleeping?

How long can you sleep in a hug? Baby & Me questionnaire survey results

Graduation of huggingApproximately a guide is about one and a half yearsis. In the questionnaire, more than 70 % of the people said they had a hug by one and a half years old.
However, at that time, it was divided into "3 months", "8 months", and "1 year old", and there were several answers that they were hugging until they were 2 years old or older.
It seems that it cannot be said unconditionally due to the policy of Mama Dad, the presence or absence of the siblings, the personality of the baby.

What did you struggle and devise by sleeping?


Because there is an upper child, it is difficult to sleep calmly. Even if I sleep, I get a little bit ...



If you put a piggyback with a hug, you will sleep well, but you tend to wake up when you lower it.



I slept lightly and got up many times in the middle of the night and it was hard. Sleeping in the breasts occurred with a high probability, so it was often the case that it was laid down with a hug.

On the other hand, some moms were doing this.



When I didn't sleep at all, I turned off the lights in the house, turned it dark, and put it on a piggyback.



I slept as soon as I put my eyebrows. Since I was a baby, I had a fixed music that I could listen to when I went to bed, so I went to bed as soon as I flushed when I couldn't sleep.



When I left my body, the temperature changed and I noticed that I got up, so I put my child on a towel blanket and hugged it while hugging it, and when I slept, it was hard to notice when I put it on the bed with a towel blanket and gently.



Since it was put on when it was dropped off from the hug, I laid it down with the hugs on, removed the string when I got used to the posture, slid and dropped.


It is a so -called "back switch" that happens when you put your baby on a bed, but in RIKEN's research, if you wait for about 5 to 8 minutes after the baby starts sleeping, you can sleep even deeper without getting up. It turns out that it is highly possible. This seems to be practiced right away!

It is said, "NG because you have this habit," but what about the truth?

You may be worried about hearing the story of "hugging", but you don't have to worry.
Some say that if you have a habit, you will have a problem with growth, but there is no medical basis, and hugs are not a disadvantage for the baby.
It is evidence that your baby is relieved to sleep well in hugs, so you don't have to stop. It is important to judge the graduation of sleeping in hugs based on the state of the baby and the circumstances of moms and dads.

In this questionnaire, some people said, "I'm tired of my hands, so if I put it on my pelvis, my spine would bend and I regret it very much." In order not to increase the burden due to unreasonable positions and long -term hugs, try to gradually stop sleeping while utilizing hugs and sleeping goods.

How to stop hugging?

If you want to stop lying down as much as possible, the point is to get used to it little by little. Make your body adhered, gradually shorten this time, sing a lullaby, and make your baby feel safe.

How did everyone graduate from hugging?



I ended my nap early, moved my body and got tired, and tried to sleep early at night.



I lay down and pretended to sleep.



I switched to reading picture books from my bed.

Senior mom heard such a voice. Try various ways to fit your baby and find the best way for your child.

The baby is hard to sleep!

Sometimes you get frustrated, saying, "I was going to sleep and do my house, but I didn't sleep at all!"

In the first place, the baby's sleep is something that does not go as expected. According to this questionnaire, the time it takes to sleep was about 58 % of "within 30 minutes", but about 37 % of "within 1 hour" and about 5 % of respondents said "1 hour or more". 。

As mentioned earlier, you don't have to stop sleeping in your hug, but for moms and dads, you'll be physical fatigue. In such a case, it is recommended to use help goods, such as reducing the burden using a hug or piggyback string.

Hip seats can be used as assistant hugs

I think there are many moms and dads who have a hard time sleeping and have a hard time sleeping. In this questionnaire, it was shown that moms graduated from hugging after various trials and errors.
It is stressful to be too nervous, saying, "I have to do this!" Don't forcibly stop hugging, listen to your senior Mama daddy's advice, make good use of help goods, etc., and work on it. 

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