The sun is getting tougher soon, and a full -fledged summer has arrived!
Moms and dads with babies have trouble when the temperature gets higher. it is,"The inside of the hug is too hot!"That means.

The hug is an indispensable item for going out with a baby, but even a baby who has a higher body temperature than adults and sweats a lot.
By wearing a hug and huggingThe heat that both adults and children feel are doubled, and the heat is doubled.To do.

As the heat is expected this summer, there is not only the danger of heat stroke, but also a concern about sweating.

What you need isSelect a hug that is perfect for summer
I want to spend a comfortable time with my baby in the hot season! Here are the points of choosing a summer hug to such a mom & dad.

Kayomama, who has experienced four childcare, will introduce the points for comforting summer hugs!

Recommended hugs by target monthly age

"What kind of hugs are there in the first place?"
There are various types of hugs, and the suitable type depends on the age of the child.
First of all, I will introduce the recommended hug type for each age.

1. Newborn period [newborn -12 months]

In a newborn child who spends a lot of time at home, for example, if you have an upper child, you may go out with a newborn baby or go to the park. In such a case, it is convenient to have a hug that both hands are free.

Hugs are also useful in the house. I hear a voice saying, "Even when the baby doesn't sleep, it will sleep well if it's a hug, but when you scoop up or sleep, you can use this burden. There is.

A newborn baby cannot support his head because his neck muscles are not yet developed. The hugs during the newborn will wrap the baby who is not sitting down.Slings and wrap typesIs recommended.The baby has a sense of security because it adheres. In addition, one cloth is lightweight, so it is convenient for carrying.

2. After sipping neck [from about 4 months to 36 months]

When the neck is sitting, the type of hug that can be used increases. Even if you have been holding it for a long time to increase the opportunity to go out,A type that is hard to burden the bodyIt is a good idea to choose.

If you have a solid shoulder belt or a waist belt, it will distribute your baby's weight, so you should be much easier to hold. Check the variations that can be used, such as positive hugs and piggybacks.

3. A long -term type that is convenient to have one [from newborn to graduation from hugs]

The hugs basically support the baby's weight on the shoulders and hips, so the more the baby grows, the greater the burden on the body of moms and dads.
1Average at age10kgIf you hold a proper baby every day, it is not surprising that stiff shoulders and back pain will occur.

A pedestal like a chair supports the baby's weightWith a hip seat carrier, the burden on the shoulders and waist is reduced.It will be.In addition, going out with the baby is that the luggage is inevitable. The waist belt type that can be stored lightly and compactly is also recommended.

So what kind of hug should we choose during the hot season?
Recently, many hugs with excellent functionality have appeared. If you feel that the hugs you already use are hot,Consider purchasing a hug for summerIt may be good to try it. From now on, we will introduce the recommended hug type in summer.

1. Select a hug for newborns [newborn -12 months]

Points of choosing a hug

Slings and wrap types are more likely to get hotter because moms & dads and babies are in close contact. The hug that is hot is easy to sweat and is worried about troubles such as sweat rash.
Therefore, the important thing is to choose the material. If you choose a highly breathable material, you will improve your comfort. The mesh material is recommended because it is hard to stick, it is smooth and refreshing. In addition, materials that absorb sweat, such as cotton, are also good.

After going out, the hugs may be moist due to sweat, so it is convenient if you can wash it with a washing machine. If it is a quick -drying material, it is even better.

Popular hugs

Mama & dadSince I am not used to hugging yet, it is popular that it is simple and easy to wear. It seems that many people choose a lap type that is firmly adhered to the baby and a shoulder belt type that is relatively easy to wear.

Recommended hugs for summer

Point to choose
・ Slow and comfortable mesh material
・ Cotton material that absorbs sweat
・ Washing possible

2. Select a hug string after siping the neck [from 4 months to 36 months]

Points of choosing a hug

As you get more opportunities to go outside, the amount of sweating increases.
Because the neck is sitting and the posture is stable, it is a good idea to choose a type that is moderately distinguished from the baby and is not too close.
Compared to a close -up type of hug, the hip seat carrier, which creates a good space between moms and dad and baby, is ideal for summer hugs. In addition, if you use the hip sheet (pedestal) alone, the heat can be reduced further.

Popular hugs

It is popular with low burden on the body and having various variations.
If you want to make it compact, your waist belt type is popular for those who value the burden.

Recommended hugs for summer

Point to choose
・ Type that is not too adhered
・ Cool and comfortable hip seats
・ If you have a hood, it will be a sunshade

3. Long -term type [Newborn -36 months or 48 months] Hugging string selection

Points of choosing a hug

When the child grows up, a burden on the shoulders and waist. When it's hot, you can feel more tired. It is important to choose a type that is less burdensome to the body to use a hug string a little easier.

However, there are many models that are difficult to attach to multifunctional hugs that are less burdensome on the body, and it may be stressful not only for moms and dads but also for babies to wear over time while sweating. 。
If possible, try it on before purchasing and check if it is really easy for you.

In addition, it is convenient to have a pocket or storage that can put a cold pack. It may be a good idea to choose a design that is easy for men to use so that moms and dads are easy to hold.

Popular hugs

The waist belt type that can be used for multi is popular.If you can switch parts and use a hip seat carrier, you can use it comfortably without burden on your body even if your child grows up.
In order to keep it clean, it is also selected to be easy to clean, such as washing machine OK and partially washed.

Recommended hugs for summer

Point to choose
・ Type that is less burdensome to the body
・ Design that can be used for both men and women
・ Clean when the parts can be removed and partially washed


What did you think?
Utilizing summer hugs and heating goods well, it is more comfortable and fun to go out in summer with the baby.
Enjoy the summer out with your baby while paying attention to heat stroke measures, such as avoiding going out during the temperature as high as possible or on hot days, or taking care of frequent hydration.