A hug item that is rising rapidly, hip sheet. It is not surprisingly known, but there are some things that can be used by newborns.
We will thoroughly explain the hip seats when and how long and how to choose!

What kind of hip seats are there?

Hip seats, as the name suggests, is like a seat with a baby's buttocks.
There is a small pedestal in front of Mama Daddy's stomach, and it is a hug item that makes the baby sit on it. There is a waist pouch -like waist -wrapped type, a shoulder type with a shoulder strap, and a hip seat carrier (hug type) that covers the baby's body firmly.

The "waist -wrapped type", which is worn with a belt around the waist, is recommended for those who have stiff shoulders because the shoulders are free and does not weight, but the burden is applied to the waist. If you want to distribute the burden, the "shoulder type" or "hug type" that accepts weight on your waist and shoulders is better.
Both are just putting buttocks, so they are easy to hug, especially when you start walking.

What is the point of choosing a hip seat?

I mentioned that there are advantages and disadvantages depending on the type of hip seat. Choose a convenient one according to your needs.

There are some check items that you want to keep in mind other than the function of the hip seat itself.

For example, the convenience of carrying. If you do not need to hold a hug, such as starting walking, it is ideal to get in the way while you are not using it. Some products can be folded and compact, and some products can be stored inside using the shape of the hip seat.
In order to keep it clean, the ease of care is an important checkpoint.
There are some that can be removed and washed, and some things can be washed, so check before purchasing.

When can the hip seat be used?

The target age of the hip seat varies depending on the product, so check before purchasing.
Depending on the product, there are some that can be used to hold the newborn side. If it is suitable for hugging sideways, a baby before the neck can be used for breastfeeding and sleeping.

The baby in front of the neck is still light, but a long hug is a burden on the wrist and arm.
Hugging side by hugging on a hip seat will support your baby's weight firmly, so you can hug new new mom dads who are not used to hugging with confidence, reducing the burden on your wrists and arms.

The timing of graduating from the hip seat is based on the weight of the child, the load capacity of the product, and the burden on the waist and shoulders of mama daddy. General hip seats are targeted at 15-20 kg weighs, about 3-4 years old, but the load capacity varies depending on the product, so it is necessary to confirm.
In addition, as the weight of the child gains, the burden on the body of Mama Daddy naturally increases. Consider graduation, not to mention the load capacity of the product, or if your body screams before reaching it.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of hip seats?

The best advantage is that you can easily hug you compared to a general hug. The simpler structure, so you can put and take off and take off.
It is an item that can only sit with a buttocks, and only the hands of Mama Daddy support the baby's body, so it is necessary to be careful to prevent falling.

The hip seat carrier is a hug with a hip seat. It is an excellent thing that combines the goodness of the hug and the good hip seat.
By sitting on the pedestal, both the baby and the mom dad will stabilize, and to support the weight of the baby near the center of gravity of the body, it will be easier to feel the weight than other hugs. One of the benefits is that both hands are empty without worrying about falling because the body is completely covered.
The disadvantage is that the pedestal is positive, so that it is bulky than a normal hug, and that the installation procedure is higher than that of a hip seat.

The comparison of hip seats and hugs is also introduced in this article.

What are the recommended hip seats that can be used from the newborn?

In general, it seems that the image is that "hip seats cannot be used after the child grows up" and "it cannot be used for newborns", but if it is a hip seat designed to be used for hugs, it is immediately born. Can be used.

Hip seat carriers that can remove only hip seats from the hugs can be used as hip seats and hip seat carriers, so there is no need to prepare a number of hugs, and you can save money and storage space.

Baby & Me's Belk-S First set includes a hip seat, a career part wrapped in the baby's body, and a waist belt type "FIRST parts".
During the newborn, you can use hip seats alone, and when you go out, combine a gently wrap the baby and career parts, and use it as a general waist belt type hug. You can also.
If it becomes heavy after the neck sitting, it can be used as a hip seat carrier by switching the first parts to the hip seat.

Of course, it is OK to use it only with a hip seat for a little hug.
After walking, the hugs become more frequent, so hip seats that can be hugged quickly become convenient.

Cospa is also outstanding because it can be used properly according to the child's growth and scene, and it can be used for a long time until about 4 years old, which weighs 20 kg.

Even if you say "hip sheet" in a bite, there are actually various types. Please find your favorite hip seat that suits your lifestyle.♪

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