Holding indispensable for your baby.

Holding a baby is one of the important skinships for moms and dads as well as babies.

Holding your baby is the basis of childcare, such as moving, breastfeeding, or when you are crying. It has also been shown that hugging a lot of babies secretes the hormone called oxytocin, leading to self -affirmation and growth in mind.

Know the hugs that match your age and your baby, and aim for a hug master!

Until the neck is sitting, "horizontal hugging" is the basics

So what kind of baby's hug?

How to hold a baby, mainly hug your baby on your arm and hug you sideways."Hugging side"And hold it vertically in front of the body"Vertical holding"there is.

The baby before the neck sits is basically hugging sidewaysDo.Heart hugs are recommended for new moms and dads who are not used to hugging.

What is horizontal hugs/merit of horizontal hugs?

Holding a baby

A horizontal hug is a way of holding both legs so that the legs are not stretched in the posture of the nene, and the baby keeps the M -shaped leg.
The biggest advantage of horizontal hugs is that it is easy to stabilize and does not burden the soft babies in the joints. In addition, the heart of moms and dads to hug me is close to the baby, and it gives a relaxing effect.

Vertical holding is the merit of vertical holding

On the other hand, a vertical hug is a method of hugging the baby's face on the chest so that the baby is standing.
The feature is that the arm burden is low because it supports the shoulder from the chest, and it is also necessary when burp so that the milk does not put it on the throat. In addition, when the baby does not stop crying, it is often heard that when he hugged himself, he stopped crying.
One of the reasons vertical hugs may increase the sense of security of the baby because the body is wider than the horizontal hug.

How long will you hug you?

The basics of hugging in the newborn are mostlyAround 3-4 months sitting on the necktoIt is said to be a guide.
A newborn baby has a weak muscle strength on the neck and cannot support her own head like an adult. Especially before the neck, the point is to support your neck, head, and buttocks firmly so that your head does not wobble.

It is one of the important communications for the baby, but even a newborn baby will have numbness and stiff shoulders after holding it for a long time. Therefore, what I want to use is a hug that supports the baby's hug.

A hug string that can be used during the newborn

Nowadays, it is a must -have item for taking care of the baby, but there are many types and manufacturers, and as new products come out one after another, I often hear that I do not know which one to choose. I can.
Also, for new moms and dads, those with complicated usage are NG.
I want to choose a hug that can be used with peace of mind, as well as babies, as well as moms and dads.

This is a different hug and the hugs of the newborn.

What are the points of choosing a hug in the newborn?
The biggest point isFeeling close to the babyis.
In order to protect a small body that has not yet been sitting, choose something that fits perfectly so that the gap does not empty.

How to choose a newborn hug

When used for discharge after giving birth or visiting the shrineChoose for the target monthly ageIt is important.
The hug string always has the target month. In particular, the type that can be used until around 12 months has a short target period, but has a solid function for use in the neonatal period.

How to attach a newborn hug string

Read the attached instructions, check the explanations by videos, etc.Master the correct installation methodIt is also important.
At first, it is safe to have your family help when installing.

Carrying a newborn hug

Going out with a newborn is something that increases luggage. You may want to choose a type that is compact, lightweight, and convenient to carry.

Types of hugs that can be hugged sideways

Now, let's take a look at what type of hug that can be hugged in the basics of newborns.

Carry type

Holding hugging string carry type

Carry type that can be used for a long time from newborn to about 3 years old, such as vertical holding and piggybackIt can be used as the child growsSo it is convenient to have one.
Because both shoulders and waist have a thick cushion,Reduces the burden on the body of mom and dadI'm so happy.

Some carry -type can hug you. however,Parts such as installation of inner cushions may be required when used during the newborn.。 It takes time and effort to get used to it, so it is important to practice well.

Sling type

Hugging string type sling type

A type of hug that holds the baby as if wrapped in the dough.
Because it is used in close contact with the adult bodyYou can hold your baby's neck and waist in a natural state
Since there is no adjustment of the belt or buckle, if you get used to it, it will not take time to put on and take off, and you can quickly attach it.There are many fashionable designsIs also a point.
however,Power on one shoulderTherefore, if you use it for a long time, use it together with a stroller.

Hip seat type

Holding hug hip seat type

The hip seats used on the waist are usedThe point is that it can be easily attached because it just wraps the waist beltis.

Because there is no shoulder belt, it does not disturb clothes or mama rucks. It is especially recommended because the baby's celebration and baby dress are not disturbed when visiting the shrine.

Also, the babyYou can get a sense of security that you are hugging with your mom or dad。 However, don't forget that the hip seat is this assistance, so you need to support it firmly with both hands.

Is it advantageous to buy a hug that you can hug you? Rental is a great deal?

Baby goods that are expensive. Originally, I would like to use several types of hugs, but I can't just spend money on the hug. In such a case, it may be a good idea to use a hug rental service.

Benefits of buying

The advantage of purchasing a hug is the advantageCan be used without worrying about dirtthing.The baby licks, spills milk, and hugs are surprisingly dirty. The longer the usage period, the better the cost is better than renting it.

Advantages for renting

The advantage of renting a hug string is that it isA hug that you care aboutEasy to use at a low pricething.You can try a type that suits you by carefully testing the comfort that you can not understand just by trying on at the store.

In particular, it is recommended to rent a hug for a newborn child because it has a short period of use. Depending on the type and age of the hugs to be used, it can be said that using rental and purchase properly is the wise use of modern hugs.


Holding indispensable for a skinship with a baby. Please understand the type, method, how to use a hug string, and use rental services, and enjoy the time of hugging with your baby.

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