The shoulders and waist are overwhelmingly easy!

A hip seat carrier that is gradually spreading in word -of -mouth.

What is different from the previous hugs, the features of the hip sheet carrierBaby & MeThe staff will introduce you.

What is a hip seat carrier?

What is a hip seat carrier?

First of all, do you know a hug called "hip sheet carrier"? It is a new shape hug that has recently become popular.

To put it simply, it is on the waist belt partA pedestal like a waist pouch where a baby sitsIt is a hug string.

Hip seat carrier (hug string)

Have you ever seen a mama dad walking with a child on something like a waist pouch in the city?

Hug hug hip sheet like a waist pouch

The hip seat is, as the name suggests.A chair that puts your baby's ass!If you wrap the hip seat on your waist, you can easily hold your child quickly, so it is very convenient at home or outside.

Hip sheet use example

What is a hip seat carrier?The latest type of hips with this hip seat and baby carrierWhat is it!

The hip seat carrier is the next -generation hug string

Hip seat carriers were born overseas in 2010, and have grown into a baby item that boasts a huge support in Asia.
In JapanBaby & Me founding members who had a burden on the body due to their hugs were impressed by their hip seats and started selling hip seat carriers for the first time in 2013.

Baby and Me history

How is the hip seat carrier different between the hug?

Here are some of the features of what the hip seat carrier is different from the hugs so far.

Hip seat point Part 1 The shoulders and waist are overwhelmingly easy

Hip seat carriers are designed based on ergonomics, and more than conventional hugs.The burden on the shoulders and waist is greatly reducedIt is said that.
In the conventional hug, many moms were worried that the babies went up as the baby grew, and the burden on the shoulders and waist increased.

Conventional hug strain on the body

Hip seat carrierSupporting the baby's weight on the pedestal and distributing the weightI will reduce the burden on my shoulders and waist.

Hip sheet Human engineering design 1

In addition, the unnatural posture at the time of hugging can cause fatigue.

Hip seat carrierKeep a straight postureIn this way, we will reduce the burden of posture collapse.

Hip seat human engineering design 2

Baby &MeHip seat carrier is a joint research with Osaka Public UniversityWe demonstrate the reduction of the burden on the body.

Over time, the burden on the shoulders increases over time, but Baby & Me's hip seat carrier continues to reduce the burden on the shoulders after installation 10 minutes.It has been demonstrated that the burden will be reduced by about 32%compared to a general waist belt type hug.

Hip seat carrier Reducing the burden on the shoulder graphVerification with 2022 BELK-S

Since the number is actually proved by numerical values, the popularity of daddy moms is also convinced!

Hip -seat point There is no tightening of the two legs

A hug that affects the opening of the baby's hip joint is a very important item to prevent hip abnormalities. Hip seat carriers are in a posture that the baby sits on the pedestal.The legs stretch straight, the hip joint opens too much, and the thighs do not squeeze.

Opening of the baby's hip joint   Hip seat points 3 Hold this kind of kind Holding this variation

The hip sheet carrier is a basic face -to -face hug, a positive hug that is nice to go out, and a nice to sleep.You can use it in various ways according to the scene.

Hip seat point 4 easy to wear on dad

One of the things that many mom dads give in the trouble of hugging is that it is troublesome to wear and difficult.

It is an indispensable hug as an item that reduces the burden on the body by hugging, but it is troublesome to use it.

The hip seat carrier has few steps, so the baby is mounted on the pedestal.Easy to fasten the shoulder buckleEasy size adjustmentThere are features such as.

Japanese hip seat carrier maker BABY & ME -Coufecretability that cannot be imitated ~

Many types of hip seats are now on sale.
From now on, I've been making hip seats for Japanese mama daddy,Baby & ME's unique commitment pointsI would like to introduce you.

Appropriate size that can be used until graduation

Bebian Me Features Part 1 Size of the pedestal

Baby & me hip seats so that you can hug them comfortably for 20 kgAppropriate size that suits Japanese babiesBecause it is made in, it is an outstanding sense of stability.
Anyway, the pedestal is life, so I am particular about the material inside.

Dual form structure that reduces this burden

Bebian Me features part 2 dual foam

BABY & ME's hip seat is gentle on mama daddy and babyUnique two -layer structureis.
The part of the baby sittingLight and durable EPP form。 The part that hits the stomach of Mama DaddySoft urethane foamIt is made of it and fits according to the movement.

Hip seat angle that is ideal for reducing burden

Bebian Me Financial Features Part 3 Hip seat angles

Baby & Me hip seats maintain a feeling of fit with the baby,Lead the center of gravity at the center of the bodyIt is designed like.

Achieves the natural opening of the baby's crotch

Bebian Me Features Part 4 Realizes natural crotch opening

The hips do not sink or the legs open too much, so we realize the natural opening of the baby's crotch.
BABY & ME's hip sheet carrier has been officially certified by the International Hip Contact Association (IHDI) as "a hug that keeps normal hip joints and does not cause hip dislocation or dislocation."

Bebian Me features part 5 IHDI acquisition

There are many other nice functions and points, so I will introduce them all together.

Recommended points for Baby & Me

Baby & me hugs are all set. You can use it as soon as it arrives without buying a drooling cover.

Popular secret among senior moms

Many award -winning history and moms of moms

Baby & Me's hip seats that continue to evolve by incorporating ergonomics and moms' opinions, so we have won numerous awards.

Beby and Me winning history

I have a total of five hugs, but I should have bought it first! If I knew it was so fun when I was one year old, I think I had Baby & Me from the beginning.(Miyu -chan mom)

It is very convenient to switch with parts and use it in various years from newborns! Since the second son is small, it is very helpful to be able to adjust the crotch width.(Harappsu Mama)

Safe support after purchase

"Is this how to wear it?"
"How can I use parts?"
In your first hug life, you sometimes get anxious. In such a case, Baby & Me has a safe support!

You can see how to wear and tips in the videoYou can contact us by phone or emailClick here for after -sales service and common questionsYou can contact us on the DM of each SNS

There are also rentals and subques

If you are worried about the hip seat carrier, you can try it out at a nearby store, and at the official online store, there are rental services and subscriads.
The rental service arrives at home so you don't have to go to the store, so you can try it slowly with your child. It is advantageous because it has a 5,000 yen coupon that can be used at the time of purchase.

Please apply from the official online store product page♪

Comfortable everyday hugs! Go out more fun!

I want you to spend a limited special time of "holding a child" as a fun and happy time, not a hard thing. Hip seat carrier was born from such thoughts.

It is a proof of my child's growth that becomes heavy.
When you go out so that your daily hug is a happy time to feel the growth of your baby, make your mom dapapa baby smiling more.
Baby & Me helps a comfortable hug life of the family.