The baby is a positive hug who can see the same person as Mamaapapa. I wanna try! Isn't there a lot of mama dads who think?
I will explain the positive hugs when they can be done and what to be aware of.

Do you need a positive hug function?

In conclusion, it is necessary. 2/3 or more of senior Mama Daddy"I need a positive hug function" "I'm glad there was a function."And answer the questionnaire.(Baby & Me investigation)

A wide variety of hugs are on sale, but not all products are suitable for positive hugs. In some cases, the product you purchased the first purchased did not have a positive hug function and bought a new one. There are so many needs to feel the needs of 2/3 or more.

Because of the functions that are not necessary for newborns, it is easy to pass through when choosing a hug string, but it is recommended that you carefully examine them and purchase them so that they will not be replaced later.

What are the benefits of hugging positive?

The most advantage is that the baby's view is expanding.
It has been reported by many mom daddy that the number of visible things turned to that, and the babies who were swaying were confused and settled down. It is also said that curiosity is stimulated and develops the power and memory of thinking.

You can enjoy the scenery from the same perspective, so you can enjoy seasonal flowers as well as visiting aquariums, zoos, and theme parks, as well as seasonal flowers, and have more happy time for mom daddy and babies. Masu.

When can you hug your positive?

In the case of face -to -face hugs, the carrier parts that cover the back of the baby are held firmly from the back to the neck, but in this case, it is no longer wrapped in the state. Therefore, it is safe to hug your neck and waist after sitting.

It is a guide to sit on the floor and be able to sit alone even if adults are released. Although there are individual differences in the age of the month, it seems that many children are sitting around 7 months.

The target age is different depending on the hug, so check before use. It is important to note that hugging positively in an unreasonable posture will put a heavy burden on the baby's body, causing injury or inhibiting growth.

What are the positive disadvantages?

Some of the information for child -rearing mama daddy is that positive hugs are not recommended.
The reason is that the visual information is too large and the stimulus to the baby is too strong, the baby's posture collapses, the burden is applied, and the burden on the mama dad increases the burden of the center of gravity. Some voices are wary of increasing the danger of a baby's face hitting the ground when Mama Daddy falls.

There is a reason, but if you choose a hug that is suitable for positive hugs and use it properly while observing the baby, you do not need to be too scary. Let's hold down the points to be aware of and incorporate positive hugs.

What are the points to keep in mind when you have a positive face?

First of all, it is a prerequisite to have a positive hug function, that is, to choose a hug that is suitable for positive hugs.

BABY & ME's hip seat carrier has a baby sitting on the pedestal, so the legs do not stretch straight or the hip joints open, so you can realize natural M -shaped legs. There is no need to worry about the thighs are compressed and poor blood circulation. It is a baby -friendly hug that is officially certified by the International Hip Different Association (IHDI) as "a hug string that keeps the normal hip joint and does not cause hip dislocation or dislocation."

The hip seat is made of a hard material that is hard to hurt so that the baby's buttocks do not sink, and the part that hits the stomach of mama daddy is not painful. In addition, since the angle of the seat is designed to lead the center of gravity to the center of the mamapapa, the burden of the baby's weight and the risk of becoming easier to balance and falling are reduced. When hugging, the point is to make the baby turned into the wearer. By doing so, the center of gravity becomes closer to the trunk of Mama Daddy and the sense of stability increases.

BABY & ME's hip seat carrier that allows you to hold not only face -to -face hugs but also positive hugs in a natural posture like sitting on a chair. The burden on mama daddy is low, so it seems that it can be easily used for a long time, but you need to be careful. As the visual information increases, the positive hugs stimulate the baby's brain and get tired. Observe the baby's condition frequently and be careful not to put too much burden.

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