From everyday outing, such as medical examinations and shopping, to meet grandpa and grandmother, or go out with your family during the holiday season, you will have more opportunities to go out with your baby.
Introducing the list of belongings that should be put in an outing bag for what items are useful!

When is it OK to go out with your baby?

When a baby is born, you will receive a regular "infant medical examination" by local governments. The first month's medical checkup will be the first time to go out.

Therefore, it is easy to think that it is OK to go out from one month after birth, but it is not always a completely lifted.
It is recommended that you start with a short walk in the neighborhood of your house and gradually expand your range and time. Let's get used to it little by little while observing whether the baby's appearance has changed.

Newborn babies have not yet been able to control their body temperature. Don't go out in hot midsummer and cold winter, and avoid crowds as much as possible because of the weak immunity to viruses.

What are the necessities when you go out?

When you go out with your baby, it is necessary to prepare for various situations. Introducing the list that should be put in a bag so that you do not panic in case of emergency.

  1. Paper diaper & wow wiped
    Have a lot of time and prepare a lot. If you put it in a diaper porch, it is recommended because the diapers are not jerky in the bag, but they are easy to find and take out immediately.
  2. Changing clothes and jackets
    It may get dirty when breastfeeding or diaper changing, so it is safe to prepare about 1-2 sets of clothes up and down. It would be nice to have a thin jacket for cooling measures.
  3. Towels, gauze, etc.
    Use frequently to wipe sweat, drooling, milk, etc. Let's prepare some of them.
  4. Plastic bag
    Use it to bring home diapers, dirty clothes, and towels.
  5. Milk set
    Big bottles and powdered milk are essential items when you go out. A stick -type powdered milk, which is divided into one time, is convenient. Put hot water in a water bottle with a heat retention function and bring it.
  6. Mother and child notebook, insurance card, consultation ticket, etc.
    You may need to go to the hospital suddenly, so always carry it.
  7. Hug
    When you go out, you want to leave both hands as much as possible. Use hugs and piggyback strings. It is safer to prepare a hug string for using a stroller or when you go through a place where there is no elevator.

What is useful when you go out?

There are many useful things that can be useful depending on the age and age of the baby. A typical one has been listed.

  1. Set of baby food, meal apron, spoon, etc.
    After graduating from milk, prepare for what you need to feed baby food instead of milk set.
  2. Favorite toys, picture books, sweets, etc.
    If you are on a vehicle, or if you have a long waiting time, such as hospitals or restaurants, your baby may get tired. In such a case, it would be helpful if there were toys and picture books to distract them. It might be nice to have a little snack.
  3. Nursing cape
    Even if you can't find a nursing room on the go, it's safe to have a nursing cape that covers your baby and hides your chest when breastfeeding. It's not bulky and light, so it's a good idea to have one when you go out with a baby in the nursing period.
  4. Style
    A convenient styling (drooling) to keep your clothes dirty. It is also useful as a countermeasure against milk back and spills. There are some specifications that catch the spills, so it is a good idea to prepare them as needed.
  5. Sunscreen
    The baby's skin is thin and the barrier function is insufficient, so sunscreen is essential for going out in summer. Use a baby for a baby that is less burdensome on the skin.

How do you carry something that tends to be?

When you go out with your baby, your luggage will inevitably increase. Recently, various mothers bags are on sale, so let's use them.
Mother's bags have types such as tote bags, backpacks, shoulder bags, etc., and are attractive for storage capacity and functionality. It is characterized by plenty of pockets and partitions, easy to organize, and easy to take out what you want.

The hug string is convenient with a porch!

If you go out with a hug string, there are also products with pouches on the waist belt, so it is recommended to put things you often use, such as smartphones, handkerchiefs, and disinfecting sheets.

The waist pouch of the Belk-S series can be removed, so it can be attached to both left and right. As it is a double zipper, it is easy to open and close, regardless of either the left or right, and you can adjust the position of the zipper so that the bracket does not hit the baby's feet. In addition to valuables such as wallets, smartphones, and keys, gauze, handkerchiefs, pacifiers, sleeping foods, and sterilization sheets are large and convenient. You can remove it from the belt and use it as an inner bag.

Which hugs are active when you go out?

Many people use hugs and strollers to go out.
Strollers that are released from the baby's weight are easy and popular, but their hands are free, and the hugs that do not have to worry about the steps or worry about taking space are excellent in mobility. 。

It is also recommended to use both depending on the scene.
When you go out with a stroller, it may be useful to have a hug with a sub.
It seems that there are many senior moms who choose compact and lightweight, such as slings, because of the ease of porting of the sub.
The hip seat carrier is attractive because it has a sense of stability and difficulty in weight, but the structure is solid, so there is a disadvantage that it will get in the way when not in use.
Use it well depending on the purpose of going out and the situation on the go.

Easy to go out when hugging♪
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