Experiented store "U Know?"

The Baby & Me booth has started at the hands -on store "U KNOW?" In the large shopping mall "Mark IS Fukuoka Momochi".

Experiented store "U Know?"

In "U KNOW?", You can see all colors of the Baby & ME hip seat carrier "BELK-S" series, and try on all colors. In addition, a cold -proof cape of the sun light warm function ( *) that can spend 3 ° C warm even in the cold winter is also on display.

BABY & ME Hip Sheet Career in Mark IS Fukuoka Momochi

Please come to the store at this opportunity and experience "Easy to imitate".

[Experiented store "U Know?"
Inside the large shopping mall "Mark IS Fukuoka Momochi"
A spacious space with a store area of ​​106 tsubo
2-2-1, Jinghama, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture, 810-8639

* The Sun Light Warm Function is a function that can create sustainable warmth using the infrared light contained in solar, a renewable energy. After 10 minutes of temperature measurement, it is about 3 ° C * 1 warm and can be used comfortably even in cold winter. (In the Buken Quality Evaluation Organization, the light absorption moisturizing test result [Test number] Q1019031893) Baby & Me utilizes the recycled energy that takes into account the impact on the global environment and reduces environmental impact and is friendly to the environment. We are working on development and production.