From "Baby & Me" released by Baby & Me last year, the suit company, which can be used as a bespoke product for the suit company, will be used as a work suit that can be used from before and after childbirth, will be "The Suit Company" from October 19 (Wednesday). Appears at all "White the Suit Company" stores and the official online shop. It is developed in a color that is easy to match with the design that can be seen as a work clothes and the tops on hand, making it a maternity wear that is easy to match with the business scene.

【Product Summary】
Product tapered pants (black, gray, beige)
Wide pants (black, gray)
Skirt (black, beige)
Material polyester 67 %/rayon 29 %/polyurethane 4 %
Size -free size (up to 100 cm waist)
Price price pants/body price 9,800 yen (tax included 10,780 yen)
Skirt/body price 8,900 yen (tax included price 9,790 yen)
Sales stores The Suit Company, White The Suit Company, Official Online Shop