This time, BABY & ME won the 3rd Nippon Child Care Support Awards 2022, sponsored by the Japan Child Care Support Association.

This year, the third prize is the Japan Awards, aiming to realize a society that is friendly to a child -rearing family, creating key players for child -rearing in various fields, introducing child -rearing culture, consulting and lectures, etc. We support that many products and services that are good for child -rearing are born through the award of the Japan Child Care Support Award.

Of the five evaluation items: "Safety and Security", "Convenient, Reduction of load", "Children's growth", "Parent and Child Communication", and "Comfortable Life Realize Life". Awards are given to products, services, local governments, and projects that are very useful and attractive for child -rearing households.

Approximately 200 companies in the general corporate division and the municipality category are 30 municipalities, and the "Belk-S First Set" is evaluated as a hug that not only reduces the burden and comfort, but also as a hug that is close to the growth of parents and children through communication. We received the 3rd Japan Child Care Support Awards 2022 Corporate Division.

Communication with skinship is indispensable for baby development. The function that can be adjusted to the growth of the child by switching parts is a "comfortable hug" while reducing the burden on the shoulders and waist of moms and dads, which leads to nurturing maternal and paternity.

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