Special feature My Baby & Me

BEAMS PLUS Buyer Co., Ltd.
Naoki SakumaMr. Miss.

"My Baby & Me" is a special feature that spins the story under the theme of "childcare and work" through interviews with senior moms and dads.

In Vol.04, Sakuma, a buyer on the label "BEAMS PLUS" pursuing the authentic authentic of casual wear, which continues to the next generation, appears based on the concept of "real men's clothing that can be worn forever." We will deliver a stylish and fresh dad statements of the present era, from the contents of the work that you are worried about as a buyer at a select shop and how to raise children of a one and a half year old.

Shooting location: Beams Plus Harajuku, BEAMS headquarters

BEAMS is a pioneer in a select shop from Japan and is also known as an original brand. In addition to the headquarters office, about 10 shops will be expanded in Jingumae/Harajuku, including Beams Harajuku, Beams Plus Harajuku, Beamswemen Harajuku, and Beams T.

When you hear "BEAMS buyer", I think it's a job that you can say for those who are interested in apparel. How did you get your current position?

After graduating from college, I worked at a completely different company, but I quit, started working part -time at a BEAMS store, became a contract employee in about six months, and became an employee a year later. I moved to another store at that time, but I decided to be in charge of the label called "BEAMS PLUS" for the first time there. So I worked for about two years and moved to the BEAMS PLUS Harajuku store, and I worked for about three years ... One day I felt like I was a resignation and became a buyer.


I think only a handful of buyers can be a buyer, but what kind of parts are evaluated?

Well ... maybe, but I wonder if I was going to the exhibition with the buyer in the store era, and the remarks at the planning meeting between the store and the headquarters. I think.
I liked serving customers, so I was lonely to leave the store, so I wasn't very real at first (laughs).

The only job of buyers is the person who buys the product vaguely. What is it?

Of course, I go to buy, but when I make a separate note ( * special order) products, it is involved in the planning of the product, and there are some jobs such as thinking about prices while looking at the product finish.


Is it the image of going around the wholesale shop?

A little different, the main part is to go around a manufacturer with a relationship and have a meeting or show a factory. Sometimes, if you find something that is good to go around the store, you may find a manufacturer and approach it.

What are the points when selecting a product?

I try to think about whether the product is in line with the concept of the label, whether you want to sell it, or if you pick it up, you can buy it. Thinking about the face of your customer in the store era, it feels like "that person and that person will like this."

Where do you feel worthwhile?

There are about 90 accounts overseas, but when you order a considerable quantity of what you made, what you were involved in from selecting destinations like bespoke products to planning and commercialization. When it sells, I still feel worthwhile. It's nice to get the reaction from the Instagram DM and comments from customers, and see people wearing them in the city.

I think it's a difficult job directly leading to sales, but what is your holiday?

Basically, it is a weekend holiday, and it feels like a store help occasionally. When I was in the store, it depended on the shift.

Considering nursery schools, the current weekends and holidays are helpful. In addition, how is it easy to balance childcare and work?

I think it's easy to balance because you can freely determine the time you work with a superflex system. My child hasn't been to a nursery yet, but if you look at your senior's schedule, you'll see that you can keep your pick -up time.

How to spend with your child?

I go out and go shopping, but I bring a camera wherever I go. I wanted to leave my memories firmly, so I bought it shortly before my child was born. I feel that everyone feels a little better than shooting with a smartphone. My wife sometimes says, "I'm just a camera again" (laughs).


Thanks to that, I have been entrusted with a little shooting at work (laughs)

Today, I brought a memorable item with my child, but did my child touch BEAMS products?

This is a mini -key holder of the brand called L.L.Bean, which is handled by BEAMS, but when my wife came to the store with my son, it seemed that my son picked it up. It's just the right size to put Tomica, so I like it and use it. I and my wife use this large size, so it looks like parents and children. I don't think you know anything yet, but I'm glad if you like what you like.


Does that mean that your wife also likes BEAMS?

Or rather, I met my wife at work (laughs). I plan to return soon.

I see! The child is a thoroughbred (laughs). You can see the L.L.Bean logo on this stuffed animal.

Well, it's a L.L.Bean product, but I bought it when I went to the United States. I had a dog at home, so I wanted to be an animal -loving child, so I bought it to get used to it. Whether it was effective, I am now squeezing my parents' dogs. When my son was still small, I took a picture with it and recorded how it grows.


There was a story that you want animals to love, but are there any other things like "I want you to grow up?"

Since we like "like", we want you to work hard and pursue something you like. I also want to take me to various events as much as possible.

What do you want to embody in your future life and prospects?

After all it is a balance between work and child -rearing.
For work, branding a brand called Beam Splus. I have a feeling that it is going well overseas, but I think that there is still a lot of growth in Japan, so I hope that it will be an entrance to know more widely. Regarding child -rearing, I took childcare leave for about a month, but I would like to use such a system to actively make time with my family.

I thought it would be difficult to take childcare leave in terms of occupation, but that area is an understanding environment.

I think so. For generations, childcare leave is like taking the flow. A senior was taking a meeting with her daughter the other day, and when I heard it was "my daughter's free research." It seems that his dad's work was the theme (laughs). I hope that the atmosphere of such child -rearing will spread.
In the first place, there are many internal marriage, so I wonder if it is easy to be like that. There is a form of supporting the team.

As a senior dad, please give a message to those who are raising children.

My child is still one and a half years old, but I feel that it doesn't grow quickly, so I think it's better to take the time as much as possible and spend time together.