Special feature My Baby & Me

Representative Director of Smile Cotton Co., Ltd.
Hidetaka KatayamaMr. Miss.

"My Baby & Me" is a special feature that spins the story under the theme of "childcare and work" through interviews with senior moms and dads.

Vol.03 introduces Mr. Katayama, the president of Smile Cotton Co., Ltd., which continues to transmit the textile material "SMILE COTTON®" from Mie. In addition to the fabric manufacturing lines that have been highly supported from major apparel shops, baby goods stores, department stores, etc., such as being adopted as "Children's Beams" products, they use their own ingredients "HAAG". Development. While expanding the business, I asked Katayama's thoughts on work and childcare, who had been facing child care.

Shooting location: "HAAG" booth ("Dainippon City" exhibition sponsored by Masashi Nakagawa Shoten)

A joint exhibition specializing in crafts sponsored by the long -established store, "Masacho Nakagawa, Nakagawa," which has been in business. With a mission of "connecting hands in Japan", it boasts about 3,000 visitors as a place for craftsmakers nationwide and retail buyers to gather. Held at Ebis EBIS in Ebisu, Shibuya -ku.

SMILE COTTON® is an original material that is kind to the skin that was also recommended by the Atopy Association, but when has it been manufactured?

Originally, my grandfather started making cut -and -sews as "Katayama Meliyasu Company". The second -generation father inherited it and completed the fabric of SMILE Cotton® in 1973, aiming for a cotton and cashmere -like feel.
However, at the beginning, the technology and costs were not compatible, and the skin -friendly cotton was not required so much, so it was not commercialized. After 20 years, I improved and commercialized.


It is the third generation. Originally, were you trying to take over the family business?

No, I was looking at my father's hardships, so at that time I didn't intend to take over my family business. After graduating from university, I got a job in Kansai a trading company that handles fibers and apparel. ... Well, the choice of an industry close to the family business may have been based on the fact that my father has always seen it.

Did you start to succeed after that?

There are a lot of things ... one day, the inner shirt I always wear was washing, so I passed the sleeves of the "Smile Cotton®" inner shirt that I got from my father before. I was surprised, "It's not cold, soft! Light!" Moreover, the softness continues after washing. Actually, SMILE COTTON® was treated as one of the products at the trading company that worked at the time, so I knew the reputation, but I realized it at this time. And what will my father get older and what to do with the company? When it became, I wanted to make use of my apparel sales and logistics knowledge, so I retired from a trading company at the age of 33 and joined Smile Cotton Co., Ltd.

Did the business go well after the company inherits?

At first, I entered in a standing position like a business, but I thought it was a big job. Make a thread, dye it, and ship it as a product ... It was very difficult for a business because it wasn't selling dough in a Mie local factory. Because the price is higher than the general one. In doing so, I came to think about how to show and what kind of customers would buy it, and to make a price in the market.

He started so -called rebranding.

I agree. In addition, we have started our own brand to get the market to recognize the value. That is this "HAAG", which is exhibited today.


From there, your performance is rising right?

I think that it has grown about 150%every year since it was taken over, and I think that it has been 4 or 5 times on a sales basis since then.

That's amazing! Did HAAG direct sales increase?

As with direct sales, I got a department store to put it in, and as many people caught the eyes, I started to talk about OEM manufacturing and fabric.

What kind of development do you think in the future?

Recently, we have begun to develop lines that mix original materials that can cut ultraviolet rays, water -absorbing and quick -drying materials. Not only as a underwear material for infants, but also for adults usually wear it because it is "cool" and "because it is comfortable", and as a result, I want to get interested in the material called SmileCotton®.


Especially since Corona, the intention of health has been growing, so I am thinking about how to contribute to it.

I imagine that it seems to be quite difficult as I work hard, but how do I get into my child and my family?

In a sense, the family is the same as the company. I don't think it's different if you can't take good care of it, and you won't be able to convey it even if you say the right thing or your head. I think there are many similar parts.

What do you value in raising children?

Anyway, "listen". The child asks something like "There is a child who does this at school, why?" When I'm busy, it's easy to flush "Funfun", but I hear that even if I rewind, "Oh, I'm sorry, but again."
At the time of learning, we only try to pick up and drop off, and not to see where we practice.

picture! Each time, it is attached?

Well, my son's soccer is present every week, and when there is something I can't do, I take a video of the practice and help me like "this is a little more".

Would you like to be like a long break, spend your time using that time ... "?

Hmm ... After all, I don't think my child will grow up alone, and when I hit something I can't do, I need to overcome it. Rather than saying "come up early" from the upper stage because you are an adult, you go down to your child and help together. As you go up a few steps, I think that it is such a thing that the difficulties will be overcome by yourself and go up one step at a time.


I think it is important to "sympathize" with the tough thoughts and the joy of overcoming. I think that such points must be created intentionally. Know what you are interested in and what you get angry with.

A long time ago, the parent -child statue was missing, and when it was adolescent, there was no conversation ...

oh yeah. I think parents and children are good because they have a common topic. You don't have to be a friend, but when you have a hard time with your child, you'll be saved if you know, "Oh, parents know this, they support me."

Then, is the fourth generation of "Smile Cotton" in the future to your child?

Hmm ... (laughs). Well, if you want to do it. But I want to make it a fun job that I want to do. If your father's manufacturing is pleased by people in the world, will you naturally be interested in it? In the first place, I think the reason for a company is such a thing. I don't forget how to contribute to society.