From Baby & Me, a Unisex long coat that will fulfill childcare for both moms and dads will appear. This new product is a crowdfunding support purchase service "Makuake" before the start of general sales, and the period from 12:00 to October 30 (Mon) at 18:00. We will start the advance reception.

Support returns will be two plans: "Super Early Discount 50%OFF" and "Early Discount 40%OFF".

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Each color ( BLACK / Gragye / Olive)First 30 arrivals (size M, L)

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[40%OFF of general retail price 29,700 yen (tax included)]
Each color ( BLACK / Gragye / Olive)First 50 arrivals (Size M, L)

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[Features of Unisex long coat]

① Solve the real worries of daddy moms obtained through the hug!
② You can wear it lightly regardless of gender, become a good idea,MinotechHigh -performance long coat adopted
③ The attached ducker is removable, and can be used as a baby mats depending on the scene ◎

 In 2016, BABY & ME commercialized a new type of hugging strap called "Hip Sheet Carrier" that was not yet in Japan and supported the communication between the baby and the family through hugging.

There are many nice reviews from your favorite moms!

With a lot of family outing episodes and reports of childcare participation in dads, I have been able to hear worries other than hugs.

Based on such a real voice, "Baby & Me ME -ME -ME -postpartum clothing" was planned, but this time, both dads and moms have planned a long coat with a ducker that can be worn smoothly regardless of gender!

By designing with an oversized silhouette, you can also use a partner with a physique difference. You can wear it comfortably during pregnancy with large body changes

Unisex long coat is a coat that can be worn with the attached ducker (cover of the baby covered) with a hug.

It is possible to use everyday with the removal of the ducker.

In addition, it is designed to be worn by a wide range of people, so it can be worn as an outerwear for both mamapapapa and before childbirth.

・ Long coat with a loose silhouette balance with a wide shoulder width and width, M is 150-170cm, and L is 165-185cm.

・ The length is long, and by squeezing the spindle (rubber) of the waist (inside), you can adjust the length because you can tie in the upper half.

・ Since the sleeve width can be adjusted with a dot button, it is a specification that does not hide the square even if the sleeve length is long.

・ The dot button on the front is easy to fasten even if it is attached.

・ In order to make the length of the length comfortable, the side benz is deepened so that the opening can be adjusted with three dot buttons.

・ We are thoroughly sticking to the physical silhouette of the hood (it does not become a pussy) and the minimal expression when removed.

・ If you attach a ducker to the front zipper on the coat itself, you can use the hug with a lot of size.

・ The outside of the ducker is Minotech® (Minotech®), and the inside is a warm and soft bore fleece.
* Minotech® (Minotech®) is Teijin Frontier Co., Ltd. (Teijin)It is a registered trademark.

・ The hem of the ducker is folded inside, so it gently wraps ⾚ -chan's ⾜ ⾜ even on a cold day.

-The coat itself can be attached to the front side and put on the head of ⾚ -chan.

-The coat itself can be attached to the front side and put on the head of ⾚ -chan.

Teijin Frontier's water -repellent fabricMinotech® (Minotech®) is a functional material that slides and looses ⾬ due to the special structure of the land chart, which is considered by Mino. It reduces the risk of being deprived of body temperature by getting wet.

・ Unlike the general Hashika -kun that coat the land table ⾯, it has an excellent moisture permeation function. The unpleasant stuffiness that accumulates in the cost is released outside.

・ The batting quilt, which is particular about lightness and heat retention, keeps the inside a comfortable temperature.
* It is the characteristic of the material and does not perform tests in this product.

 It is a long coat with a loose silhouette balance with a wide shoulder width and width. You can also consider it as a daddy mom.The color is three colors of Black, Gragye, and Olive, and the size is available in two sizes: each color M and L.

Baby & Me is a brand of Japanese hugs (hip sheet carriers).

The "Zexy Baby Review Ranking", which is supported by many mama daddy, is supported by many mama daddy, and has been awarded the No. 1 for the fifth consecutive year since the start of the hip seat in 2018 in the "Zexy Baby Review Ranking". Masu.

He has also received many awards, including the Good Design Award and the Kids Design Award.

"Hugging is an important communication with the baby"

I want you to spend a limited number of hugs more comfortable. I want not only moms but also dads to take the initiative in raising children.

With that in mind, we are working on manufacturing and production first, and we are developing products by focusing on "really good things and good things".

We will continue to pursue a lifestyle that can be compatible with "personality" and "childcare" without being trapped by age or gender.

I want to raise children firmly. But I want to enjoy fashionable. I want to choose something that can be used for a long time if you buy it. The functionality cannot be given.

I want to make such an item that can fulfill such greedy adult selfishness.

Even though it was a little powerful, if it could be connected to a little heart in the trigger of mamapapapa equal childcare and in a busy day ...
I hope that we will continue to work on the development of hugs and wear.


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Human Life Engineering Research Center (HQL)
Tokyo Children's Smile Movement

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