These Terms of Service specify the terms of use of the fitting rental service (hereinafter referred to as "this service") provided by Ascon Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "the Company"), and is applied to users and the Company. I will do it.

Article 1 Definition
"User" is the one who has accepted this service after accepting these Terms of Use, and the Company has accepted the application. However, if any of the following corresponds, we may cancel the application even if you have received the application. If we have already received the price, we will refund without interest.
(1) When the user has been found to have violated the Terms of Use in the past.
(2) When it is found that the contents of the application include false items.
(3) In addition, when the Company determines that it is inappropriate to accept the application.
2. "Product" is an item that we send to users for the purpose of rental when fulfilling this service.

Article 2 About this service
The Company shall rent (rent) to users through the Internet based on the Terms of Use (including other rules and rules, etc. specified separately by the Company).
2. This service shall be used in daily life, and will refrain from using it for long -term outings and travel.

Article 3 Change of the Terms of Use
The Company shall change the terms and conditions without prior notice to the user, and the user shall accept these in advance. After the change, the announced terms of use shall be applied immediately.
2. Even if a lost profit is generated by the provisions of the preceding paragraph, we shall not be liable for these.

Article 4 Contents of this service
This service shall be limited to Japan.
2. The product shall be sent to the user in accordance with the separately specified "Information on Shipping", and when the product is shipped, a rental contract shall be concluded. However, if any of the following corresponds, we can save the product.
(1) When it is determined that it is difficult to ship, such as natural disasters such as storms, earthquakes, lightning strikes, floods, and typhoons, logistics regulations and logistics disorders.
(2) When the writing is applicable in Article 1, Paragraph 1.
(3) When the product is out of stock and cannot be shipped.
(4) When the consent of the user is obtained.
(5) In addition, when the Company determines that it is not possible to ship.
3. The user will open the packaging immediately after receiving the product, check the information paper and instruction manual, etc. by the user himself, and if there is a difference in the product, immediately contact us, and if there is no notice. The Company shall not shake the duty to replace or refund for the reason.
4. The fitting rental period is the period listed on the trial rental service contract with the product.
5. The return deadline for the product is the return date listed on the fitting rental service contract with the product.
6. The cost of returning the product (home delivery fee, etc.) shall be borne by the user. If it is returned by cash on delivery (our burden), we may claim the cost to the user.

Article 5 About delinquent fees
If the product cannot be confirmed by the Company by the return date, the user will to the Company after the return date (300You shall pay a circle x days).
2. The user will immediately transfer the delinquent fee to the designated account if there is a claim for a delinquent fee from the Company. The transfer fee at that time will be borne by the user.
3. If there is no payment of delinquent fees even after a certain period of time, the unpaid delinquent fee and the price of the product may be collected by small litigation.
4. If the user falls under any of the preceding paragraphs, the Company shall not give the user a benefit.

Article 6 About damage, loss, and theft of products
Users shall not be responsible for damage, exhaustion, and dirt in the range of use specified in the instruction manual. However, if the user is intentionally or negligible, or if it is not expected to occur in the future, such as damage, exhaustion, etc. that are not expected to occur in the range of use specified in the instruction manual, the user will be damaged. We will be responsible for compensation.
2. If the product during the fitting rental period is lost or stolen, the user is responsible for the damages.

Article 7 About exemption on this service
We are not liable for any reason for the fitting rental period, the damage caused by the user due to the delinquency of the delivery, or the damage given to a third party.

Article 8 Cancellation and return on the way
There is no cancellation fee for the user before shipping the product.
2. The cancellation fee required after the user's product shipment shall be the round -trip shipping fee of the product (shipping cost from the Company to the user, and the shipping cost from the user to the Company), and the user shall bear the round -trip shipping fee.
3. The Company will not refund the daily rate, etc. depending on the number of remaining days, even if the product is returned in the middle of the fitting rental period. (We will not refund the rental fee specified initially.)

Article 9 About the handling of products
Users cannot use third parties to use the product, or dispose of the transfer, quality entry, sublease, and transferring.
2. The user shall write names, marks, illustrations, etc. to the product, tag product tags, change colors, disassemble, repair, and do any remodeling or processing.
3. The user shall be duty to pay attention to the handling of products.

Article 10 Regarding compliant law
These Terms of Use shall be interpreted in accordance with the Japanese law and in accordance with the law.

Article 11 About the jurisdiction court
In the event of a dispute between users and the Company, the Tokyo District Court or the Tokyo Court shall be the exclusive jurisdiction of the first instance.