One of the indispensable goods for raising children is the hug. It is an item that you always want to prepare because there are many uses since the baby was born.
There are many types and designs from each brand, so you want to choose a convincing hug that suits you.

But it seems to be a long pregnancy period.
Even if you want to consider it carefully, you don't know what you can start with a working mom who can't take time slowly! For those who say, I summarized the points I want to keep in mind, such as the basic knowledge of the hug and the choice that suits my lifestyle.

■ Table of contents

1. Do you need a hug string in the first place? When do you use it?
 ・ What is a hug? Is it really necessary?
 ・ Use of hug strings -What time do you use?
 ・ Why a hug is used
 ・ Let's know the basics! Type of hugs
・ Convenient for sideways! "Slings" with many stylish things
・ No.1 closely adhesion! Popular "Lap type" in recent years
・ "Shoulder belt type" that is easy to use for new moms
・ There are many types! "Legy belt type" that is easy to find a type that suits you
・ The next -generation hug string based on ergonomics "Hip seat carrier"

2. Points to select a hug string taught by senior moms
 ・ Senior mom's hugging string situation -When did you buy? How many do you have?
 ・ 3 major points that cannot be removed by selecting a hug string

3. How to choose a hug
・ Choose by the age of the child
 ・ Select by lifestyle
 ・ Select by type

4. Summary

Do you need a hug string in the first place? When do you use it?

What is a hug? Is it really necessary?

First, when do you think you use a hug?

Of course you use it when hugging! ?

Isn't it used when you go out?

I agree! But that's not all!
I actually use a lot in the house, such as when I sleep, or when my baby is sloppy.
Hugs are indispensable for childcareIt's one of them.

Use scene of hugs -What time do you use?

Daily shopping and walking

A hug is essential for going out with a baby who can not walk yet. We recommend that you hold your baby firmly so that both hands can be empty.

Going out, leisure, etc.

Amusement parks, aquariums, theme parks, etc. can be enjoyed with the same perspective as adults if they can be positive. It is recommended that you do not get tired even if you hold it for a long time.

Laid at home, etc.

What helps you to sleep in a horizontal hug is a great effect on reducing your mom's arm! If you can have a piggyback type, you can do a little housework while lying down.

Moms who are mainly thinking of strollers should prepare a hug.
Going out of trains and buses makes it difficult to move when it is crowded with a stroller. Also, when you go to an unfamiliar place, you may have a hard time looking for an elevator.
On a rainy day, you need to attach a rain cover to the stroller, but if you get cloudy with moisture, you may hate your baby. It is difficult for moms to press the stroller while putting in an umbrella, so we recommend a hug.

Why a hug is used

It is possible to hold a baby without a hug.
However, it is a big burden for moms who hold a baby that grows bigger every day for a long time.
If you use a hug, your hands will be empty, so you can work on childcare more smoothly.

The hug string reduces the burden on mom's body and supports childcare.
In addition, it is an item that makes the important skinship with the baby, "hugging", not a hard thing, but a fun and nice thing.

Know the basics! Type of hugs

There are various types of hugs. Here, we will briefly explain the type and characteristics of the hugs that are often used.

Type of hugs

Convenient for sideways! There are many fashionable things

It is a character that hugs a baby from one shoulder like a hammock, and hugs a baby. There is a sense of security that you can hold in a posture like when your baby is on your stomach.
Some moms are always in bags because they can be used instead of nursing cape and can be folded compactly and compactly.
As one shoulder supports the baby's weight, the heavy burden on the shoulders increases. Depending on the product, the method of installation and difficulty vary, so you may need to practice until you get used to it.

Advantages and disadvantages of sling
・ Compatible with horizontal hugs
・ Lightweight and compact
・ Can be used instead of nursing cape
・ Rich in design and fashionable
・ The burden on the shoulders is large
・ I need to support by hand
・ Difficult to get used to
・ Not suitable for long -term hugs

No.1 adhesion! Popular in recent years
"Lap type"

Wrap a large piece of cloth around your body and tie it tightly. Some are like a T -shirt.
The feature is that the cloth is wound to both shoulders and back, so the burden on the body is less than the sling. Some moms say, "If you hold it in a wrap type, your baby will sleep well!" The type that wears like a T -shirt is easy and popular.
The higher the adhesion, the worrisome about the stuffiness and heat in the summer. If the size is not adjusted, it may not be possible to use it as a dad.

Lap type advantages and disadvantages
・ High degree of adhesion with the baby
・ Lightweight and compact
・ Can be used instead of nursing cape
・ Easy washing
・ It is easy to get stuffy in summer
・ Depending on the product, it cannot be used as a dad

Easy to use for new moms
"Shoulder belt type"

It is a baby carrier that supports the baby on both shoulders.
It is relatively inexpensive and easy to use even for beginners in baby carriers, so it is easy to choose a first hug.
The baby's weight alone is supported by the shoulder, so the bigger the child will burden it, and it is inevitable to buy a new one.

Advantages and disadvantages of shoulder belt type
・ Easy to hold newborns
・ Easy to install
・ Both hands are empty
・ Purtive the shoulder
・ The usage period is short

There are many kinds! Easy to find a type that suits you
"Waist belt type"

The royal road type of the hug string that many moms have.
Since the weight of the baby is distributed on the shoulder and waist, it can be used relatively long with a low burden. It corresponds to various ways of hugging such as a positive hug and piggyback, and it is easy to use, so I want one type. There are a wide variety of materials, such as mesh types that prevent stuffiness, gentle materials that are gentle on babies, and materials that are hard to get dirty.
As the size can be adjusted in detail according to the growth, there are many parts and adjustment parts, so it may be troublesome to wear, or for small moms, it may look rugged.

Advantages and disadvantages of waist belt type
・ There are many types and easy to choose
・ Less burden on shoulders and waist
・ There are many types of ways to hug
・ Long usage period
・ Very bulky to carry
・ If it becomes multifunctional, the price will be higher
・ As the weight of the child increases, the shoulder will be burdensome

Next -generation hugs based on ergonomics
"Hip seat carrier"

A sitting hug with a chair -like pedestal (hip sheet). It is said to be the next generation of hugs of the waist belt type, and the burden on the shoulders and waist has been further reduced because the pedestal supports the weight. The posture is easy to stabilize, so it is a design that is friendly to the baby's hip joint.
One of the reasons why the pedestal part and the shoulder are removed, and it can be used only with hip seats.
Because there is a pedestal, it is bulky compared to other hugs.

The advantages and disadvantages of the hip seat carrier
・ Less burden on shoulders and waist
・ There are many types of ways to hug
・ It can be used only with hip seats
・ Long usage period
・ Easy to install
・ Very bulky to carry
・ Cannot be used in the newborn

Points of choosing a hug string taught by senior moms

I understand the difference, but what's perfect for me? What should I choose as a point?

When I buy a hug for the first time, I often care about "What should I buy?" "When and when did you buy it?" "How many?" If you think about it, you are not exhausted. Here, we will introduce the results of various troubles about the hugs that senior moms answered.

What time did you buy your first hug?

When I purchased a hug for the first time, a graph

According to the questionnaire, the most common is purchased for 6 to 10 months pregnant. It seems that there are many mom dads that are purchased in the late pregnancy after about 5 months of pregnancy.

What did the hug buy?

Hug -string graph purchased for the first time

If you look up on SNS's Instagram or the Internet, you will always see what you like and the site once browsed, so it is easy to think that it is common. In the questionnaire, the waist belt type accounts for 85 %, which accounts for a considerable proportion. Next to the waist belt type, follow the lap type, shoulder belt type, hip seat carrier, and sling.
By the way, it seems that both moms who carefully considered when purchasing and moms who did not, were good and not good.

I'm glad I bought a hug



I thought it wasn't necessary right after being born, but when I couldn't use a stroller, such as a medical examination or visiting the shrine, there was a hug and I was saved!



It is indispensable for lying at home! My child sleeps soundly as soon as she piggybacks! It is useful because you can sleep while doing housework.



Since it is basically a train movement, a hug is a must! If you go out with a positive hug, your child looks really fun!

(From Baby & Me Survey)

It will be a part of what I was glad to buy. There are many opinions that the burden on mama daddy will decrease in the home and the house, and that it is good for a baby that a baby can sleep with peace of mind.

What I regret buying a hug



It looks convenient because you can hug you! I bought it, but when I actually used it, the usage was complicated ... I used only a simple function hug.



Fashionable during pregnancy without checking! I bought what I thought. Since I bought a new one as my child grows up, a large amount of hugs in my home.

(From Baby & Me Survey)

There are surprisingly many moms who have two or more hugs for reasons such as "I was not good at using" and "I use them properly", and in one questionnaire, 54 % of moms have multiple hugs. was doing.

Why do you use multiple hugs?

Reasons for holding multiple hugs

If you have multiple hugs, it seems that many people use them properly for home use and outing, or are purchased at the age of your child. I want to research firmly so that I don't want to increase the number of hugs.

In addition, the adaptation weight of the hug string varies depending on the product, so it is also a matter of concern, "How long do you use it?"

How long have you used the hug?

When the hug was stopped

It is generally said that the time to use a hug string is from 2 to two and a half years.
The most common reason I decided to stop hugging straps was that the child became bigger/heavy, and more than half of moms seemed to scream and stop using them.
Although there are individual differences, some children love hugs even over 3 years old. As your child grows up, the burden on your mom will increase your body, so it is important to buy a new hug as it grows or choose a hug that can be used for a long time.

Three major points that cannot be removed by choosing a hug

What to emphasize when choosing a hug?

Point graphs that are important when choosing a hug

In the questionnaire to senior moms, the most important thing that felt important when choosing a hug was "the burden on the shoulders and waist is small."

1. Choose safety first

Safety is important because it is a hug that puts an important baby. Be sure to check if you are using a trusted material or the baby is designed to be in a posture that does not burden.
Acquiring safety certification is also helpful to choose.

2. Choose a less burden on your shoulders and waist

 It may be hard to imagine how the baby hugs until the baby is.
Children's growth is surprisingly fast, about 10 kg in just a year.
Considering the use of a hug until around the age of two, it is wise to choose something that does not burden the body even for a long time.
There are individual differences depending on the body type, so it is a good idea to try it on in advance and choose the perfect one for your body.

3. Easy to wear

What is often heard as a problem with hugs is that it is difficult to wear, troublesome. No matter how functional it is, if it is difficult to wear alone, it will gradually stop using it.

In addition, it is a point when choosing the ease of care such as washing, design and size that can be used as daddy.

How to choose a hug

So far, you can understand the importance of the hugs with the characteristics and types of hugs and the questionnaire of senior moms. From now on, we will tell you how to choose a hug by "child age", "lifestyle", and "type".

Choose a hug at the age of the child

Newborn -Before the neck (until around 4 months)

When choosing a hug used for a newborn baby, it is a close contact.
If you are a baby in front of your neck, you need to choose something that fits perfectly. The baby is relieved by sticking to mom.
It is also important for moms who debut to the hug.

Recommended hug
・ Wrap type
・ Shoulder belt type

After the neck sitting (around 4 months ~)

At this time, you are used to wearing a hug string, and you will have more opportunities to go out. We recommend a type with a waist belt in preparation for a long hug. Check this variation, such as being able to hug you positively, and choose.

Recommended hug
・ Waist belt type
・ Hip seat carrier

When it became heavy or started walking (around 1 year old)

After about 7 to 8 months, some people may scream their shoulders and waist. Choose something that is less burdensome on your shoulders and waist.
If you want to be compact, we recommend the waist belt type, and a hip seat carrier if you value fun.
Hip seats are easy if you only hug them and look for a second hug.

Recommended hug
・ Waist belt type
・ Hip seat carrier
・ Hip seat

Choose by lifestyle

The optimal hugs vary depending on your usual lifestyle and what kind of scene you want to use.
If you often use public transportation such as trains and buses, it is easy to use a baby carrier that can hold both hands and have both hands, and if you have a lot of travel by car, a hip seat that can be worn quickly is convenient. 。
Moms who work in the house, or moms who want to use in housework and sleeping are the best ones that can be used. Especially in the case of the second child, piggyback is much more.

Choose by type

As mentioned above, there are advantages and disadvantages for each type of hug string. Let's look at which one is right for me.


I want a stylish hug that I want to carry compactly. A sling that is perfect for such people. It is useful as a sub because there are many affordable prices.

Recommended for such people
・ I want to hug me sideways
・ I want a compact hug
・ I want a stylish hug
・ I want to keep the price down because I use a hug as a sub

Lap type

The lap type that can be in close contact with the baby is recommended for newborn moms. The baby can feel the mom's body temperature and feel safe.

Recommended for such people
・ I want a compact hug
・ I want to hug me in various ways
・ I want a hug that is easy to clean

Shoulder belt type

Because it is relatively easy to wear in a baby carrier, it is recommended for the first hug. There are various designs and it is easy to share with dad.

Recommended for such people
・ I am worried about the hugs of the newborn
・ I want to empty both hands
・ I want to use it as a dad

Waist belt type

It is a type you want to prepare because you can hold various ways and use it even if your child grows.

Recommended for such people
・ I want a hug that can be used for a long time
・ I want a hug with less burden on my shoulders and waist
・ I want to hug me in various ways

Hip seat carrier

A versatile type that can be used as a hug or a hip seat. As your child grows, you will be powerful. For those who are worried about bulky, we recommend an all -in -one type that can be switched by switching.

Recommended for such people
・ I just want an easy hug
・ I want a hug that can be used for a long time
・ I'm not good at complex installation methods
・ I want to use it as a dad


The best hugs will vary depending on the scene and lifestyle, such as when you want to use it and how you want to use it. Please imagine firmly and find a "My best" hug!